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Found 5 results

  1. We have completed more than a quarter of 2023 and this is the time that companies release their Quarterly reports. Taking inspiration from them it is now time for me to take forward my gambling accounting topics and introduce to you guys my third topic in the Gambling book series. I used similar payment providers like last three years and these are Mifinity, Neteller, Skrill, Astropay and bank deposits. I had deposits ranging from €/$10 to €/$700 and cashouts ranging from €/$10 to €/$2000. Please keep in mind that I started the year on a profit of €3000 from last year out of which I had withdrawn €1500 to bank. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that I take deposit bonuses and it helps my gameplay. Regarding the transactions, you will see big numbers but keep in mind I dont have that much money. For example if I have €1000 and I deposit money on casinos and win, it will give me money to play more. So that €1000 can eventually give me €5000 in transactions but that does not mean that I have €5000 as my gambling budget.
  2. Hi I've been struggling with gambling addiction for the last couple of year and had managed to keep things at a level until recently when my mother was diagnosed with secondary cancer and I ended up being off work with stress and anxiety for a few months and prescribed medication. This last week I went completely off the scale - and gambled at some casinos that I have self excluded from, some sites I wasn't aware of their relationship to sites I had excluded from but they let me join anyway and their response was that they didn't check as the payment method was different. They said they would not return any deposits as the difference in payment form meant they didn't pick it up - plus one site said that I had asked for my other account to be closed due to gambling addiction (the email from the company stated the account closure and called it self exclusion) this particularly casino said that they were wrong as I had closed my account and not requested self exclusion so cannot have any deposit returned. In my mania I joined casino.com and used my paypal account, saturday night I spent £1000 and even though I had opportunities to withdraw with all my money I carried on until I had nothing left, I was awake all day and night in a mania and then yesterday started gambling again with casino.com - increasing my bets and manically betting larger sums. I noticed that one of the representatives had come onto chat in a window to the right of the screen and in desperation I told that I can't stop that I need help. My account was closed immediately - and I had spent over £5000 in total and not withdrawn a single penny even though I had winnings at points, I carried on in a mania just putting money in from my paypal account and gambling away with no reason or logic. I explained in an email to the representative from Casino.com after they emailed me to inform me of the closure that I am in an extreme sitiuation, I have no money and serious debt, my bank account is under control and maxed to it's overdraft limit and now I owe Paypal £5000. I don't know how I can pay them and I didn't realise they would just keep charging money with no limitations. I don't know what to do, I have asked the casino if they will refund me or help me in some way as I was out of control and it was only when their rep intervened I was able to have some form of block. It's my own fault and I haven't slept for two days, I can't afford to visit my mum and I've made a real mess of everything, I feel so stupid and lost, any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Well, if you're playing at casinos, whether it's at online or land based casinos, losing is a 'big' part of gambling. Losing money could make you feel bad and sometimes also sad but don't you worry...just watch this video and it might helps you feel better Enjoy the 10 biggest gambling losses.
  4. In this topic, everyone can share their stories of how they won and lost them! It's a way to reduce some steam knowing what was once a beautiful gorgeous cashout/cashout potential turned into empty pockets and balances! A way of gambling therapy to "move on". I can add a few stories of my own.....short but regretful Share your stories with everyone.....it could help!! I deposited $100 on Wild Jackpots, used $0.05 coin size when I had $601.43 on slots, went on a rampage on video pokers, bet $12.50 / $25 per hand, had a few going well......usually a pair on pre-flop and sometimes 3 of a kind then came forth for $50 a hand. I kept chasing these string of losses for $50 each hand....kept doubling, trying to go large and just kept teeter-tottering (up and down). My balance was $410.86 then I withdrew the funds. The next day I went to take out the whole pending cashout without realizing the consequences then I lucked out doing the MAX per hand on Bonus Poker 50 Hands. I felt really bad repeating my mistakes! I decided not to take it out on my computer, rather that I stopped gambling for two weeks so that me and Lady Luck can see other people.....perhaps one of the ladies here could help. After the big win I had the first time with the welcome bonus, a meteor demolished everything....in other words.....a string of unlucky losses made my days!!! Oh God the Apocalypse!!!
  5. Hey everyone Thought I'd start up a topic that's close to me. The criticism one gets from being addicted to playing casino games. For me it's the slot machines. If I could I would own several and have them in my lounge lol now that's a dream what really disturbs me though is the judgemental comments others feel necessary to throw at you. For example family members, they all think they have this righteous power to berate me about my addiction. I'm not a fool. I know I have an addiction. I'm in control of it. ***** if I wasn't then we'd be living on the street. Those who berate, verbally abuse and point fingers need to look at themselves, everyone has a vice that they are addicted to, it could be food, shopping, smoking, drugs, drinking, playing on line games etc so why knock out our addictions and make us feel so bad. It has got to the point where I have to hide where I'm going when I go to the casino and that's messed up. I should be allowed especially at my age to do as I want when I want. But life is not like that, it's not simple cut, it's cruel and humans are the meanest of the bunch. Friends - do you know how hard it is to really find a like minded friend who's as interested in gambling as you yourself are? It is far harder than looking for that needle in a hay stack (TRUE) Any ways do you all get criticised, persecuted, and hung by the population jury? if you do how do you handle it? What do you say to those who are raining on your parade? God I love this site, finally I get to be who I really am without being judged I love to gamble - end of story Hugs Peggy
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