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Found 10 results

  1. Luck creek bs me man over 3200 left there its not right
  2. Hi can anyone help me? I started a 7spins online casino account after I deposited a few times I got a good win so I increased my bet and eventually won a very large amount of money. I than start the process of providing all my details and documents to verify my account so I can withdraw my money I have won. Than I try login and my account has been disabled. I try make contact with them and I receive an email that states: Hello Scott, We hereby inform you you that our system has detected inconsistencies in your account 's********' and we have discovered behavior that violates our house rules stated in the Terms & Conditions of our site. Your account has been suspended and your deposit has been returned to your Credit Card, please keep in mind that this process may take up to 7 business days to be completed. This is a ploy by the casino to avoid paying me. I have read a few things online to try about getting my money but very happy to listen to any one if they can help.
  3. A post for players to post information on any recent payout times they've experienced. Including the name of the casino, the withdrawal method they chose and how long it took to receive the payout. Please note if you were a "Verified" or "Unverified" player at the time of the payout request. Thanks
  4. Just a little bit of fun, but what's your favourite type of incentive when looking to play with casinos?
  5. After dealing with my first horrible casino experience with Raging Bull Casino, I started thinking about whether or not the owners/supervisors of the casino actually sat there staff down and explained how they get over on their slot and casino players to even better their profits. For example "the missing documentation routine" "the delaying document confirmation" "The way they coax weak players to reverse/go below their withdrawal limit by leaving the funds in their playable acct". I mean we all know casinos do these things on purpose to maximize their profits, but do you guys think new employees are taught these antics or do you think it's just a known secret between "regular" employees like the customer service reps that the higher ups do this? Part 2 of my curiosity is that if all employees are briefed on how to make things as frustrating, difficult and tempting to their players could you do it? I mean a job can be hard to come by at times and people have families to feed so of course I think some could do it. Not like doing it but do it for their job. I know that since we all gamble this could sound like I'm testing you guys character... Well I Am. Lmao All in fun tho. I will answer my own questions below.
  6. As a medical professional I have been seeing many people who have lost their entire life savings while trying to win the millions on the internet. Thousands and thousands of dollars wagered. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. I have never wagered online before but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to write a paper concerning online gambling. In order to do so, I had to invest my own money to open up 10 different casino accounts exclusivley for slot gaming. My patients were facinated by these internet sites. I wanted to understand them better so I took the decision. I was never worried about addiction. I opened up 10 accounts over a 7 day period and deposited 1000 canadian dollars in each account. As a scientist, I actually see things in a different way than most people. Over a 20 day period, I read the term and conditions of every site. party casino 32 red win palace spin palace casino extra jackpot city unibet bodog 888 casino casino luck Let me start off by saying the following about all of these casinos, they all claim 97%+ payouts.... all certified by companies like ECOGRA who has still yet to return my calls Most are licenced in Malta, Gibratler or Curacao.....? and? it's the only way they can accept payment from processors. There a few licenced by the Khanawakee gaming commision. Cleary a fraudelant enterprise as history has shown you with absolute poker and ultimate bet and many others. Another thing that you all need to know, when you google, "on line casino no deposit bonus" or "best online casino".... or anything similar, be reminded, these sites could not care less about you. Everything on their site is to redirect you to a casino, believe me, they receive a lot of your losses. I even saw one place refering people claiming a bonus code that would give you 100 free spins.... whether they refer you or you go alone, you still get 100 free spins! It's called an affilited program. Back to these casino sites.... Party Casino, 32 Red, Unibet were by far the only compitent people to talk to. They actually explained everything prior to a deposit. All 3 were the same, Deposit 1000 and we will match your deposit but you will need to wager 60000 dollars in order to be able to cash out. Explained very well, so i did it. All 3 casinos let me reach 4000 dollars, by the time I had wagered less than half of the needed to be able to withdrawl, it was all gone. All 3 paid like crazy in the beginning. free spins galore. all at 9 dollars a spin. I had my secretary spinning, it really was funny to see! End result, there is no way these casinos are random. It is not possible. All 3 were being played at the same time, they all had the exact same pattern. They paid and then it all came down. Very obvious. Unibet actually let me finish the wagering requirement while I still had 4k in the account, When I asked for a cash out, They wanted proof of who I was. I sent it all over and believe it or not, I actually got 4k from them within 10 days. Now, Was that random spinning? they use the same platform as many others? micro gaming... who knows. The rest of the casinos are just a joke, especially win palace.... I deposited 1000 dollars and received 4000 in bonus money? Alarm bell went right off. A disgraceful attempt to misead people. 150000 wager requirement? Are you kidding me.... My poor secretary begged me to be alloowed to wager more than 10 dollars, I decided to agree after an hour. Once the wager went to 25 dollars a spin, the tide had turned, no more free spins, no more bonus, absolutely nothing. Within 30 minutes, the 7k was gone. They let us float knowing perfectly well that we could not cash out. Jackpot city, casino luck and spin palace have the micro gaming platform, but there is no way the spins are random. We kept hitting that mega moolah free spin for the 3 million dollar jack pot, never saw a payout out more than 11 dollars after a spin. Once we played for over an hour, the free spins and the jackpot trigger somehow vanished on all three sites? There is obviously a problem there. Bodog not only has a very crappy platform, they dont even let you win anything. 3 times 10 free spins paid us 0, yup. I was laughing so hard it made me cry. End result, I think people are so mislead and have this feeling of belonging to a fantasy life that they are willing to risk anything to get it. Take your hundred dollar bill and throw it in the garbage or deposit it online to gamble, it is the exact same thing folks. These on line gaming sites are not random in any sense of the word. They feed of your weakness and slowly make you die inside. I wish I hade more time to tell you more about my research, Alot more things went on while the accounts were open. Many calls, many times they called me, especially 888 casino, at one point I told the lady that shewould be better off begging on the streets. 888 Casino is not there to offer gaming, they are there to offer free bonuses that you can not cash out anyway? Just a bad business practice in every sense of the word. You want to gamble? You want to have fun.... Take some change with you and goto your nearest casino.... have a drink, relax.... I can pretty much assure you that even if you win 10k online while playing slots, very rare, you will just end up losing it right back. Avoid if you can, seek professional help if need be. It is never too late... Dr Jimmy V. Forest Hill, Ontario God bless
  7. SO, for USA players, which casino(s) will actually pay out, and do it quickly? Thanks.
  8. Hi I tried to google my way out of this and search this site. What are your experiences? Regards
  9. Who are't in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy payout come, thy will be DONE once I near the wager requirement. 300 was given as a gift from my VIP host this morning after exclusion was over. I hope the beating that is to come is not too bad!
  10. I understand that's it's standard procedure for online casinos to pay USA players their winnings in installments, instead of in full. For example, Win Palace approved me for only $500 for a $2,000 withdrawal. The rest was returned to my casino player accont This concerns me. If I was lucky enough to hit, say for $5,000, at the $500 limit, I would be waiting months to be paid in full. I've checked with a few other online casinos, and they also pay their winners in in installments. My question to the online gambling community is... Are there any online casinos, accepting US players, that pay your winnings in full? I would like to tell them this: I'm going to deposit $200. Please credit the full amount to my casino account. Your online casino will be paid in installments at $25 per month for eight months...lol To the online gambling community, I would surely appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your time. Erik20
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