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Just wanted to say hi and congratulations on the new forum! Nice job to Lucky13 and everyone else behind the scenes! If there's anything we can do to help, please let me know. Debbee Silverman First

Thank you all  for your kindness and warm welcome! This forum is different then any other I am member of, there is a lot of interaction between members/ players and forum staff which is good pont, al

Hi there   want to introduce myself. I`m 43 years old and live in Switzerland.   I made my first gambling experiences 1989 in a B&M Casino in germany.  Well, since 2008 I mostly play online.

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44 minutes ago, Mollylucy said:

I don’t use the internet other than study. I’m a nurse .. doesn’t require internet! 😃 I found it a lot quicker today! 👍🏻 Getting better! 

A nurse! Yes, yes, of course, a nurse doesn't need to use the internet...how can I NOT thought of that earlier on???!!! 🤣

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A nurse...the MOST CARING and MOST HUMANITARIAN profession on this planet...even more than being a doctor!

However Molly, since you're here at Askgamblers, you must take note that gambling is the MOST MONEY EATING HOBBY on this planet...so take care! 😉 

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2 hours ago, Mollylucy said:

I occasionally dabble.. but this place seems like an interesting place! 

Occasional dabbling...yes, we all do that, including myself, but we must always look after our wallets too. No point nursing the sick when our own wallet is very sick! 🤣

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2 hours ago, Mollylucy said:

It’s a profession these days that everyone DOESN’T want to be in..  lol but someone has to do it right? 😛

Yes indeed, you're right...even more so nowadays during this pandemic crisis...and that's makes you a very special person! :good:

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3 hours ago, Mollylucy said:

😂😂 I’m very conservative with my money.. I found this place as I was seeking help retrieving winnings. I am still waiting for an outcome .. hope they can help! 

Well, I hope you'll get your winnings soon, so good luck!

This is not the right place to talk about your withdrawal issue, so I won't ask you anything on that.

If you need further help, you can always start a new topic/thread, lay out your problems as clearly as possible, and I'm sure someone would be able to give proper assistance.

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On 8/27/2021 at 1:51 PM, MNet_Gaming said:

Hello people, I am back on the best casino forum after five years. I am out of game from 2016, and I haven’t visited this forum since. Now with some new strength, I return to my friends, with whom I hung out back in 2009. Thank you for taking me back!

Hey, I sent you a PM yesterday, can you take a look 🙂 

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6 hours ago, Svalmor331 said:

hello everyone i am sylvia. i’m here to find some support like everyone else and also be a contributing community member in this online casino world.  



Hi and welcome to the forum, I'm glad to see you have decided to post 🙂 

We can't wait to learn more about you, if you need anything please don't be afraid to ask, we're a friendly bunch 🙂 

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1 hour ago, BillyDuke1989 said:

Hello Lads! I am a newbie here, but I have been interested in gambling for a long time. I love watching football and cheering for my favorite team (Reading FC), especially if it wins in my favor😆

Hi BillyDuke1989 and welcome to the forum! Not a huge football fan myself I can't but grew up with my father supporting Manchester United. 

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2 hours ago, Robertoed said:

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking around, just reading the different things the community has to say and I eventually decided why not just join and see how it goes :) I'm new to the social aspects of online gambling, but it's been a hobby of mine on and off for over 5 years now

Hi there! 

Thanks for the introduction and absolutely agree, why not come and join in and see what happens. Imagine every reader done that 🙂  Would be pretty amazing. 

Anyway, I'm Coco a member of the admin team so if you need me day or night, just hola and I'll be here. 

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