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Be assured I´ll be around for a while - Askgamblers will shorten the learning curve, save me Bucks and get me quickly up to speed. The site is awesome - your clear description of casinos and bonus systems has save me a lot of time & research.


Keep up the Good work - I hope your new incentive for forum posting means I´m not the only lost soul looking for advice here! the more people that get involved the better.


Cheers GoGrunge

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Hi Winthelottery! - You honestly wouldn´t have seen me anywhere else - I really am a noobie to the online gaming world. I have finally taken a few steps back from my hectic life and started to relax a little - I find poker with friend sa fun way to past time but have never had the time to try online - now is my time to shine - and make a dime! ;)


Are you new as well or been on the circuit a few laps?



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Hello Community!


Just to state it upfront: It was not my intention when signing up here to "abuse" this community for promotional purposes. (of course, every piece of marketing helps, but ... *shrug*)


More important to me is, and now I have to say something about us after all:

We have created the largest gateway for what has recently become to be known as "house-raffles". We own 500+ domains we make available to our clients to promote their individual raffles. Homes, Cars, Yachts, or even entire Businesses.

Over the past two years we have worked on the concept, built the tools, checked all legal parameters and now that we have started our operations we find a lot of rumors to be circulating!


"Raffles are illegal!"

"It's illegal to participate"!



I have registered here to make what I can rightfully claim to be an extensive knowledge base available to this community!


If the one or other finds his way to our website and likes the one or other of our offers I'll be happy - but first and foremost I'd like to contribute to the safety of this business, to its legitimate place in the industry, to the security of those placing their hard earned money on risk in order to win!


If I dont get kicked out beause some admin classifies my being here as "unwanted PR" - (smile) - I will be happy to answer any and all questions on this subject, be it about our own operation, be it of more general nature to the best of my abilities.


"Private Raffles" have a hard time competing with the fast paced thrill of casino or other online games, .... they cant compete at all with those games requiring skill and a good brain, such as poker .... but they are fun, the risk remains within limits, there is always time to check offers out and think about them but most of all they do (usually) offer extremely great odds!

A good online raffle will always actually play out at least 70% of the stakes!

With odds as low as 1:800 (which is a lot worse then going for plain numbers with Roulette, but absolutely phantastic when compared to traditional, government controlled, Lotteries!


Anyway: Sorry for the somewhat lengthly introduction, I am not too great with sticking to 3 line postings, but I hope for many an interesting conversation here!


Regards 2 U all!



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How would I dare not to participate here, in view of your Avtar? ;)


No, if its OK with you, I'll be happy to contribute to the best of my abilities on the subject of private raffles, and the stuff we have collected some expertise in.


Unfortunately I can't offer any insight secrets how to crack jackpots!

But I think I can offer a bit on our subject.


Thanks for the nice welcome!



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Myself Johny, 23, just found this forums while searching for some poker community in Google. Seems quite active forums with lots of nice members out here. Yeah you can count me as Beginners in Poker too. And I guess this forum can help me to become expert .


Am I right ?


Ha ha ha...jst joking...who cares what next....just live your life king size...




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