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Your worst screenshots!

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Hello everyone I am going to open this thread so that everyone can show everyone what "could have been but didn't". I am talking about results from a game that doesn't go as they should. You can show off a royal flush draw that got the best of you when it didn't come true or a losing spin that didn't pay out when 2 high symbols on each side of a 5 reel slot were divided in the middle. This can be on slots, video pokers or anything that fascinates "could have been but didn't". To show you an example I have a screenshot showing bars that were suppose to provide me wealth by hitting 5 combinations or the 5x paying wild but didn't. I had two chances to hit them! Here is the screenshot, other screenshots are on page 2-3:


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What's wrong with this screen shot?  :huh:


Open an account at some of the online casinos, powered by Microgaming, deposit a few hundreds, make 500-600 bets at 1,50 bet per spin and then, when you see such a spin like the above, you will definitely understand what are we talking about! :p:spiteful:


Seriously, this thread is dedicated to some shi*** screenshots of spins, which might have been more than fantastic, but one way or another they were not! Get it now? ;)

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That is just awful! You should of gotten that huge win Valdes! That type of situation would make me feel very unlucky and not continue on that slot. You were lucky enough to win the randomly triggered wild desire :yahoo:  but not lucky to win in it. :shok:  =@ I would be outraged! :vava:  

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I understand the point of this thread, but why is bad having 3 wild symbols?

They do not connect with each other starting from the left side. What Valdes has is something we can all relate to, having no winnings from a resulting spin. Had the wilds be on the left side instead of the right that screenshot would not be here.  ;)

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Ok, the name of the thread is changed now.


And here's my first contribution to the topic (hope it will be my last one :D ). From today, at 32Red, playing my beloved Immortal Romance:





If only... :angry:

Ooooohhh..that's gutting Valdes, your right if only.


I already love this topic, ill start taking my screen shots straight away, I don't doubt il will be back with some soon lol

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Another screenshot of a spin I had after many spins from hitting the nice $1000+ on China Megawild. My good screenshot is on Show Time - let's See your winning screenshots! Below is the ugly one!


This is what I got, 4 multipliers that don't make any wins! They just block my chances of winning and they don't multiply anything! They suck on there own! I would unlike this if this were facebook!


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That's really a pain... :angry:  Could be a monster hit, especially with this bet! It seems you are a high-roller after all, so perhaps most of our members would love to learn more about being a tough guy, daring to play at $40 a spin! ;)  Including me of course.... :D

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