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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I've been struggling with gambling addiction for the last couple of year and had managed to keep things at a level until recently when my mother was diagnosed with secondary cancer and I ended up being off work with stress and anxiety for a few months and prescribed medication. This last week I went completely off the scale - and gambled at some casinos that I have self excluded from, some sites I wasn't aware of their relationship to sites I had excluded from but they let me join anyway and their response was that they didn't check as the payment method was different. They said they would not return any deposits as the difference in payment form meant they didn't pick it up - plus one site said that I had asked for my other account to be closed due to gambling addiction (the email from the company stated the account closure and called it self exclusion) this particularly casino said that they were wrong as I had closed my account and not requested self exclusion so cannot have any deposit returned. In my mania I joined casino.com and used my paypal account, saturday night I spent £1000 and even though I had opportunities to withdraw with all my money I carried on until I had nothing left, I was awake all day and night in a mania and then yesterday started gambling again with casino.com - increasing my bets and manically betting larger sums. I noticed that one of the representatives had come onto chat in a window to the right of the screen and in desperation I told that I can't stop that I need help. My account was closed immediately - and I had spent over £5000 in total and not withdrawn a single penny even though I had winnings at points, I carried on in a mania just putting money in from my paypal account and gambling away with no reason or logic. I explained in an email to the representative from Casino.com after they emailed me to inform me of the closure that I am in an extreme sitiuation, I have no money and serious debt, my bank account is under control and maxed to it's overdraft limit and now I owe Paypal £5000. I don't know how I can pay them and I didn't realise they would just keep charging money with no limitations. I don't know what to do, I have asked the casino if they will refund me or help me in some way as I was out of control and it was only when their rep intervened I was able to have some form of block. It's my own fault and I haven't slept for two days, I can't afford to visit my mum and I've made a real mess of everything, I feel so stupid and lost, any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I may sign up to another site in the near future. Looking for personal recs. Preferably with Paypal since I already have an account with them.
  3. Hi all this is not a complaint about a casino more a warning about a new scam. I've been approached 4 times this week on a few forums. What the scammer does is says "hi you are the one I can trust here please send money to my neteller if I send to your paypal" So I said sure send the money and I will send to neteller for you. So the money didn't come so I messaged again "ok send the money and I will send to your neteller". The scammer then proceeded to say send to neteller first then I send you the money to paypal. Now the first time it happened the person from the forum was a real contact I've spoken to. However, it was not the person I know. The neteller email when I did a paypal request for the cash to send them was Tania.righi92atgmail and name Silvia Righi? So this person obviously has a few aliases? Basically I know many of us are on different forums so keep your wits about you.I just said "sorry can't send the cash as I'm broke" (obviously I'm not) just to shut them up. Then reported it. Under no circumstances unless you know and trust the person send any money when people suggest this stuff. I'm on the phone to paypal right now to report the email address .Cheers
  4. Howzit AG members. Anyone in possession of Paypal funds? I wanted to exchangenmy Neteller funds for some Paypal Funds. Not much just like $120. Thanks.
  5. Hello AG members So i have something like $22 USD in my Paypal account. now those online casinos that allow Paypal deposits restricts this option for South African players and the withdrawing option to my bank account is not worth it for the charges. Is there anyone that can trade me $20 to my neteller account and ill send you to Paypal. Thanks in advance.
  6. This will be going somewhere good but will require everyone's answers on who uses Paypal. Except Coco Von Crashy as I know she has one. I thought of this wonderful idea and if there are enough people I can create this mystery idea!!! Moneybookers and Neteller were my first ideas but they aren't useful to me anymore (changed rules ya dee ya dah). Although Moneybookers will be an exception through my fair lady The big question is....................How many of you use Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill)! (Edit complete)
  7. I currently sell lots of things on eBay and always end up spending it on my daughter and partner, but I wondered if anyone knew any casinos that use Paypal as a payment method? I know Paddy Power does but don't know any more. If anyone knows that would be a great help
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