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Found 25 results

  1. Some years ago, Neteller was my top favourite e-wallet provider, but when Paysafe took it over, Neteller became more expensive to use! Skrill, on the other hand, was also taken over by Paysafe, but was managed in a slightly different way, by a different management team. But all these are nothing new to gamblers, most of whom had, at one time or another, used either Neteller or Skrill for their deposits, withdrawals and bank wire transfers. So what's new, you may be asking? Bank wire transfers, as we all know it, would take a much longer time for the money transfer to be completed. Previously, taking 10 business days was the norm. Not too long ago, the standard has improved to 5 business days, cutting the time by half. Nowadays, bank wire transfers are usually completed within 1 to 3 business days, although the transfer notification may still indicate 'up to 5 business days'. For me, my bank wire transfers via Skrill would only take 24 hours or less. Taking 2 days may still occur, but are quite seldom so far this year. Now for the best part...3 days ago, I made a wire transfer from Skrill to my local bank account, as usual, and in the usual normal manner too, but guess what? I received an email notification from my bank that money has been credited into my account...not 24 hours later, but not even 3 minutes later!!! This was the FASTEST bank wire transfer I've ever had from Skrill...and it must be a NEW RECORD for any continent-to-continent bank wire transfer speed! WELL DONE SKRILL! Hope this speed can become your new standard time for wire transfers and leave all other e-wallets providers far behind!
  2. So, you may or may not have checked your email this afternoon but I've just had one off Skril to say they're now accepting cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell instantly from 40 flat currencies to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Ether. Am I right in thinking then, once you've excganged it back to your account currency you can just use it as normal money then? Also I thought bitcoin was anonomys, is it not when you're buying and selling through Skrill?
  3. We are now into 2023, a new. year, with wishes for new and better happenings. The first thing that I've done to start afresh, is by requesting a permanent closure of all my accounts at online casinos that no longer provide Skrill as a deposit and withdrawal method for my country. Surprisingly enough, several DAMA NV casinos have since adopted a change in their payment system platform and no longer have Skrill withdrawal options for me. Well, too bad for the casinos, cos I don't give a hoot to how good they are or can be. If they don't have what I need, there's no reason why I should use them. So, my simple motto is: NO SKRILL? NO PLAY! NO HESITATIONS!
  4. went to see how Skrills rating is on trustpilot and to my surprise, somehow they have managed to get it to 4.5/5, now there are 13,478 total of reviews. I remember skrill and neteller having shocking low ratings,,,,, but it seems thousands of new reviews from what looks like Indian names. have managed to raise their rating to 4.5/5.... amazing. In between the green 4star and 5star"good reviews" you will still find the red gems 1 star "bad rating reviews". anyways the insane contrast reading the good reviews vs the bad reviews....... is like people experiencing doing business with a different company. You got people praising it like crazy and then you have people saying to avoid it like the plague and calling it a scam. Then there is someone who gave it 5 stars and said "worst very much" someone else gave it 5 stars and said "The problem is I can not send money direct to a thrid party this generates double fee ..... " then why give it a 5 star rating some reviews have this next to them "Skrill reported this review for breaching of Trustpilot guidelines. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes. another reviewer said : "Don't use this thing it's nonsense the fee it's too much and you won't be able to withdraw to your bank account" another said: "Why are they asking for my social security number, along with my passport and other official government documents? This site makes me nervous. I have never had to do this with paypal or other sites. Huge concern!!!!!! " what about this one "tried to register with these people they just kept refusing the passport pictures and driving licence i sent constantly stating they were blurry..Had a very similar problems with a firm called lebara money they only seemed interested in transfers to from India " or how about this one " At first,I asked skrill to refund my transfer 865€ to my beneficiary.But it shows the payment is pending. I asked the skrill help team for refund and they told me to deposit 450€ to my skrill wallet. After I deposit 450€ to my skrill wallet.The money quickly transferred to liconagenoveva1971 gmail US address by skrill help team and nothing repay to me. And then,they inactivate my account. The more interesting thing is UK financial ombudsman service says it'll take three months or more to deal with this case.And UK police.....still pending this case." meanwhile Neteller has only 722 reviews, rating is BAD, 1.5 stars out of 5. Skrill and Neteller are both part of Paysafe Group.
  5. I always wondered since there is exclusion like Neteller/Skrill to claim welcome bonuses. Why is ecopayz who is an e-wallet service excluded from this? You thoughts? @ValDes@Afi4wins@pinnit2015
  6. Hi Everyone So this featured in our news section this week, but its easy to miss these stories so I thouhght I'd add this one into the forum for anyone who may have missed it. You can now Get VIP Skrill Treatment with  AskGamblers if you are a new member registering with Skrill through AskGamblers. As a result of this you will be able to enjoy: Lower than usual fees 24/7 customer support Extra security Special promotions The more you use your wallet, the more you'll benefit. You must use the Skrill banner found on our site and when you register you'll automatically skip to Bronze VIP Status. All the information can be found in the link above but please feel free to ask any questions if you have any.
  7. i got a question is there anyone a member of skrill that gets responses from skrill support dep.?
  8. Hi all this is not a complaint about a casino more a warning about a new scam. I've been approached 4 times this week on a few forums. What the scammer does is says "hi you are the one I can trust here please send money to my neteller if I send to your paypal" So I said sure send the money and I will send to neteller for you. So the money didn't come so I messaged again "ok send the money and I will send to your neteller". The scammer then proceeded to say send to neteller first then I send you the money to paypal. Now the first time it happened the person from the forum was a real contact I've spoken to. However, it was not the person I know. The neteller email when I did a paypal request for the cash to send them was Tania.righi92atgmail and name Silvia Righi? So this person obviously has a few aliases? Basically I know many of us are on different forums so keep your wits about you.I just said "sorry can't send the cash as I'm broke" (obviously I'm not) just to shut them up. Then reported it. Under no circumstances unless you know and trust the person send any money when people suggest this stuff. I'm on the phone to paypal right now to report the email address .Cheers
  9. Has anyone read those reviews at trustpilot for those money sending companies: neteller, skrill and ecopayz ... just so many horror stories, any thoughts? Seriously what is going on, these companies are being called scams and people warning others to stay away from them and avoid at all costs, and then you have in between the hundreds of negative reviews a positive review that is like from another dimension of someone satisfied with the service they get.
  10. Hi mateys I recently found out that skrill has been updated and therefore all customers need to verify their account once more. I never received any email from them regarding account verification. About 2 weeks ago, when I logged in to my skrill account I got a message on the main page that I need to verify my account, I thought, this might be an error and I ignored the message. Two days later, I logged in, the message didn't appear and checked my account, completly verified. Good, they have fixed the error. Yesterday, when I logged in, there it is again, the account verification message. I contacted Skrill about this and told them that my account was already verified years ago. Today I got a response from Skrill, saying that my account was never verified. I find this very strange and responded their email by saying that I've been a bronze member at least 4 times, I have Skrill prepaid card, it's a proof of my home address. I think it's very odd they saying that my account was never verified. This issue makes me doubt about them. When I doubt, I won't do it. Anyone else has the same experience with Skrill?
  11. Since i received email from Thrills Casino which they taken decision to stop offering payment services for Neteller or Skrill and this paying methods will be discontinued from tomorrow 12.02.2018 Received emails from Guts,Rizk,Mobil600 etc and i guess this is the first step till they stop accepting Skrill and Neteller as well,that claiming a bonus via this paying method is no longer available.I know that several casinos didn't give bonus with e-wallets but this days i guess many casinos follow them. So my question is whats going on with Neteller or Skrill there must be something we dont know or i dont know??Anyone???
  12. I already write a review about SlotsMillion, you know, the first virtual reality online casino evah! They have 1981 games from over 20 gaming providers, that's a bunch of gaming providers. Well, in my review I said that their withdrawal time frame was too long in my opinion. Last friday I made a small deposit there to check their latest slots or slots that other casinos do not have. To my surprise I got lucky, that happened quite often when I make a small deposit. So that evening I requested a withdrawal and since the finance department doesn't work on weekends I had no other choice than to wait till monday (today). Guess what? It's still pending...pending and pending. Call me impatient but they can't be that busy with right? I refused to cancel my withdrawal and therefore I locked it so I cannot reverse it. SnailMillions, my grandma walks faster than you work!
  13. I've been a member of a few SkillOnNet casinos for a couple...well, actually more than 5 years now and they have improved their customer service in a positive way, faster payouts, more bonuses on small deposits but there's one thing I really don't like about them, that would be the new bonus T&C for Skrill and Neteller deposits. We all know that max bet from a bonus is mostly €5 and CasinoWilds has decreased it from €5 to €3. If you think that's low, well SkillOnNet casinos took a few steps further. When you've claimed a deposit bonus with Skrill or Neteller, the max bet allowed to place is €1. Sure, it's not a problem for low rollers among us but for those who like to bet big, be careful and read the terms before claiming it.
  14. Most of you already know about what happened to me a couple of years ago (for our newer members, money got stolen out my account, Skrill handed it terribly, eventually got the money back which they even failed to tell me was in my account - long story short) since that my trust with Skrill has been, well basically there hasn't been any there. Gradually over the last year I'd say I've taken baby steps to start using them again. Customer support has and always will be terrible and that is my major concern and until someone proves me wrong with their customer support I will always doubt them. However I am the first person to say when someone does well... I did transfer some money from my Skrill to my bank and I couldn't believe it when the money reached my bank in about 4-5 hours!! When I was back using Skrill full time withdrawals sometimes took up to 3 days. So, with their now fast withdrawal times it begs my original question - Can I trust Skrill again? Thoughts please guys? Any experience in the last two years with them would be great for me to hear good and bad. At the moment I fund my casino playing with my card and I've missed using Skrill BUT I will only go back to them if I feel I can 100% trust them with my money again.
  15. You must be all wondering why this topic appeared. Recently, I have begun to continue doing reviews again but I see that Skrill and Neteller are the only options I have. Some of you must know that Canadian's cannot use Skrill yet I can still deposit and make withdrawals. I don't know about receiving funds from third parties or merchants so I want to know if anyone can help me out? I have asked the two administrators.........Valdes and Cocopop3011 for assistance however they have closed their accounts leaving me with no options but to ask around. Neteller appears to act the same way as Skrill. My future in writing lies in the hands of another helpful individual otherwise the prophecy will be fulfilled using this picture to vividly explain my "Icy" conclusion
  16. Hi guys, hope you're all enjoying your Sunday I just wondered if anyone else has received an email from Skrill about their new Contactless MasterCard? I'm not using Skrill much these days but I'll happily take the new card. I already have one of these from somewhere else and it's so much easier to use. I haven't read the terms and conditions yet of this new card so it's something I need to look into more. Maybe some of you have already got this card?
  17. I am new to the world of online winning, and wanted to ask for some feedback on Skrill. I tried using Neteller which didn't work out since I am from the land of milk and honey with more rules than you can perhaps imagine (the place between Canada and Mexico). So Neteller was unusable - unfortunately. I even received their debit card. So before I sign up with Skrill I want to make sure it really works, and do they process your withdrawal requests pretty fast (to credit card or bank account)? Has anyone had big issues with them? Thank you for any feedback.
  18. It was only the other week I couldn't praise Skrill enough on how they handle my money well and how easy I have access to my money. Oh how the tables have turned. I'd like to share with you all my story... On CHRISTMAS DAY (Yes Christmas Day) an unauthorised 3rd Party SCUM BAG hacked my Skrill account and helped themselves to £150 by transferring it to themselves. I had £153 in my account they took it all basically. I discovered I had no money 2 days later when I logged into my account. I cried! I kept that money in there for a purpose. Every year I go shopping in the sales after Boxing Day to fill up my daughters wardrobe for clothes. I couldn't do this this year. I contacted Skrill straight away. It;s now been almost TWO WEEKS and absolutely nothing has happened on my account. They have already admitted to me that the money was taken fraudulently yet I have not received the money back. The customer service is absolutely disgusting, they don't care one bit and I know for a fact that I am not going to get this money back. I have since read on numerous sites, from hundreds of members about the exact same thing happening. I have yet to read one story where the person has got their money back. This is why I have started this thread. I will never use the services of Skrill again. However I will hassle them every day for the next year if I have to. I will not let this lie. My warning to you my friends is please PLEASE make sure you update the passwords and security info on your Skrill account on a regular basis. I cannot believe how easy it was for this scum of the earth to help himself to my money. And on Christmas Day! I mean who does this. Skrill will not try and help you get this money back, I wouldn't be surprised if this is even an internal scam going. I'm not doing this to tell you to stop using Skrill, I am doing it to ask you all to please check your accounts DAILY, change your passwords. Because you never think it will happen to you. One more thing. Just before Christmas I signed up to deposited and withdrew at a new casino. I can't mention the name because I have no evidence that this fraud was anything to do with them, but I really should have checked their reputation before I deposited there. So my last warning to you all is to make sure your playing at reputable casinos. Thanks for listening guys and be safe.
  19. Hello ppl! First of all, to those who still doesn't know (if there's any ) - Skrill/Moneybookers is a kind of E wallet - Digital Wallet! It's cheap, easy and safe way of sending and receiving your money worldwide! So, this offer is a cool thing for those who still don't have their Skrill (Moneybookers) account open! http://moneybookers.com/partners/askgamblers/'>If you open Skrill account, you will get €10 Free Bonus, which you can use on your next deposit at ANY Online Casino! This is how it goes: Open your Skrill account http://moneybookers.com/partners/askgamblers/'>HERE Upload your depositing money to your new Skrill account Make a deposit directly into any casino, poker room or bookmaker via Skrill (you can choose it from the deposit options in the "Cashier" Your €10 Free Bonus will be in your Skrill account within 2 business days after you successfully made your upload/deposit. http://www.askgamblers.com/deposit/skrill-casinos-d2377'>Here is the list of online casinos that accepts Skrill as depositing method.
  20. Hi all Today I having trouble with online banking so I couldn't make a deposit to my Skrill account, instead I bought Paysafecard and when I saw the fee for depositing with paysafecard I was shocked. 7%...that's ridiculous high. I couldn't believe it. I noticed that recently a lot of casinos asking a few percents of fee for depositing...I hope they wont get more crazier with this fee otherwise I just play on land based casino. okay I was just overreacted a little bit..but hey..they are nuts I tell you...nuts!
  21. Hi all, just a quick question... My MasterCard is due to expire for Skrill (early next year) just wondering if anyone knows the process of renewing it? Since I'm not a fan of the Skrill customer support I thought I'd get better answers here! And quicker that's for sure
  22. So as the title sais, is there any casino where i can deposit 5$ via Skrill?
  23. Good day sweet community What happens when good casino cooperate with your fav payment method? You get one fantastic combination and cool bonus: EXCLUSIVE: 200% up to €/£/$100 1st Deposit Bonus + 10% Skrill Bonus on top of your 2nd Deposit and each other deposit made with Skrill. Of course, condition is to make your deposit via Skrill Brought to you by GoWild Casino! In order to receive this bonus, follow this special link HERE
  24. Hi dears! Another disturbing news and again Canada is being unlucky one! One of the most user-friendly, favourite and frequently used e-wallet, Skrill, also known as Moneybookers, decided to no longer operate in Canada, as from 1st January 2014! Casino brands are already notified about this decision and some of them are already sending notifying emails to the players to hurry up with withdrawing their funds before 31st December!! So, I think we all are noticing something strange is cooking up in Canada! EuroPartners recently also announced their exclusion, iAffiliates discontinue Live Games in Canada and now this! Is Canada preparing to completely forbid online gaming? Is 2014th a year when gambling will no longer be legal in Canada? What do you think about all these news? Sounds like a sudden anti-gambling conspiracy!
  25. Hello, This is a question for US players. Is skrill/moneybookers a reliable vehicle for withdrawing money from a casino? Anybody has any good/bad experience to share? Basically, I want to know if they will freeze up my winnings because the money is coming in from an online casino (because of federal regulations against online gambling). Thanks.
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