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Bingo is over?


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On 7/2/2019 at 1:09 PM, copyyy said:

Bingo is super outdated the only time when i Play it is on my official country lotto/bingo site and that's when I have some money left on and don't know what to do with them its really boring game.

can be boring but also frustrating when you aren't winning and see the same names winning but other days you can be winning easily frequently so it can balance out

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On 5/7/2019 at 6:34 AM, Fiekie247 said:

I tried is, but just when I thought I am winning, someone else wins the Bingo in the room. Extremely frustrating, so I quit. 

those 1TG (1 to go) flashes that make you think you are so close to winning and together with troll flashes that the bingo software can indicate that you are now 1TG on the very same number someone wins the prize and you can't turn off the flashing so it's all designed that way to play with peoples emotions. near misses like in slots.

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On 10/7/2019 at 6:29 AM, LiamBlack said:

Often Lost, so I decided to end them. I have thoughts to return to them, but it will not be soon.

Lost often playing bingo, so he decided to end them ( Stop playing). Have thoughts of returning to playing bingo, but that wont happen in the near future? Lucky guess

7 hours ago, cocopop3011 said:

Hi Liam,I've read al 5 of your posts now and  I don't think any of them have made sense. Please familiarise yourself with the forum rules.

Yeah I think you need to read 10 times to maybe make a bit of sense.

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I still play bingo - in fact, it's overtaken poker and casino as my main wagering activity online. Not because I find it particularly exciting or interesting, to be clear, but mostly because it's the one game left where I can still play for free and win something tangible without expending too much time and effort.

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Bingo may be as old as the world, but that's the charm of it. No matter what novelties appear in the world of online gaming, there's something cozy and familiar about the classic games. Oh, and let's face it, a little excitement at the addition of each new number still makes your heart beat more often, right?

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