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Johnny's Proven System - A method for a life long gambler to maintain control of his addiction explained


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I see this are the members you previously mentioned , keep them coming but in different manner that you may got used on,somewhere else. lets be friends and gimme some tips because I see your experienced. How about deposits of two newbies, would you share with us,please :hi:


I am not going to fight with anyone here. I am happy and in total control. I hope people with serious gambling issues are able to learn how to control their illness. It is possible. I know it is. I want to do this for one year. One whole year and then I am going to be satisfied.

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Hi thanks for the welcome ValDes.  For some reason I cannot quote, but I am responding to your post.


Oh yeah there is a lots of passion in this after reading his response in the quit gambling section.  Actually I was very fired up after seeing him say "try the proven system."  I take heart to people and their problems, and dont like to see jokes made of it.


I guess if Johnny has a problem he needs to probably just quit rather than making up creative ways to fuel his problem.  Where have you ever seen a rehab or program allow you to do the things that put you into rehab or a problem.


No thats not a typo, I dont know if Johnny works for the forum.  I see his posts all over the place.  Not sure his postion and was saying I hope I am not offending him with my  straightforward approach, basically saying this "system" is complete nonesense.

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I wish I could quit. Believe me. I wishing more than anything. I can't.


Many people can't. They have the sAme illness.


So what are we supposed to do? Continue being miserable? Not me!


I have decided to take action. It has been over two weeks now. I think it is the best thing for me.


Others who have serious problems may benefit more from seeking a different plan of action. Maybe some therapy, maybe an intervention. Who knows. The beauty about this illness is that there is no cure. It's different for everyone.


After my kids, reality set in. But the fire still raged. If it wasn't for my kids I would not be here today. No way. I was lucky. Others are not lucky. I pray for them. I know what they feel.


Hopefully some of them can use their own PROVEN SYSTEM to take control.


Usually with life time heAls all wounds, in regard to gambling, time does not!


I am happy and that's all that matters.


I wish I had better news with winnings though. Rough rough rough today all the way around.


Hopefully luck will change. But I won't. My commitment to the PROVEN SYSTEM is solid. I will not mess up. I will not fail.


Any y'all know me well enough to know that if I mess up, I will say it very loud! :)

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I had to comment on this thread because it seems kind of crazy to be letting people promote this type of nonsense. I did reply in another thread which was marked "gambling problem." This person went in there and said this "proven system" was a solution to a gambling problem.



I carefully read your thread. Imam trying to see where u r coming from....


Maybe I was not clear from the beginning.


There is no cure for a gaming problem unless the gambler himself wants to quit. No one can make him quit. There is no medication or vaccine.


I can not quit. I will always have that fire inside me to win.


I can not change.


What am I supposed to do? Let life pass me by? Keep playing and playing and lose everything? Scary thought no?


No way. Enough. I said no more. No more. I took it upon myself to help myself. Maybe I can reach people with similar problems and they can do the same.


In no way did I ever tell anyone use my way and you will stop gambling. I'm not God.


The feedback from people is positive.


My own wife has seen this post. She is so proud of me. She has seen the dark days. She is happy that I am at least trying. She knows I won't fail. Her support is encouragement that is needed. Everyone needs support. Some don't have it. That's sad.


Looking forward to speaking with you. Who knows, maybe you and me can become friends.

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The first part of fixing a problem is to admit there is one, so congrats you have done that.  The only problem is the BS, right after admitting the problem, all you have is excuses for not being able to quit.  Your not alone, a majority of addicts don't think they can quit, but a lot are able to become healthy with professional help.


First you need the help of ones around you.  I see you said your wife has read this thread.  She needs to take control of the finances, not allowing you to have the financial ability to deposit.  Have her read this.  She is just involved with this problem as you are.  You need to seek professional help.  You need to probably do a good 60-90 day program.  It will help.


This BS of a system is just prolonging the inevitable.  I could careless about you possibly coming on here and saying you "have things under control"  or " not depositing."  Although you admit a problem you are still denying the ability to fix.  People like this are not truthful.  They bend reality to make themselves feel better.  That's exactly what this system is, bending reality.  Unfortunately you can NEVER believe a word that comes out of an addicts mouth.


I have seen you are EXTREMELY active on this forum.   You should not be in here whatsoever.  Talking about gambling, looking at articles, screenshots is not helping your issue.  The people that support your posts and don't address reality is not helping you out.  My post is dealing with reality.  I am not high fiving you because "you say" you have not played.  I am talking about reality.  In all honestly this forum shouldn't even allow you to continue posting. 


Don't think for a second that your going to beat this problem "throwing more money at it."  You and everyone else that supports you needs to think about all these facts.  You have a real bad problem.  Think about this,  do they take you on a field trip twice a week at Alcoholics Anonymous to sample beer?  I don't think so.  When someone is really trying to fix a problem, the first requirement is to eliminate the problem completely.

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U make some interesting points. Let's break them down in no particular order.


I am not throwing more money at it. Au contraire.... The deposit limits are so low compared to how I have gambled in the past. You are talking to someone that once lost 60k in one night at a local casino. It was winnings but I still lost.


about my honesty. One thing that has not changed in this forum, i don't lie. I have come here posting screen shots showing winnings exceeding 10k and accepting everyone's compliments. A day later I come back to tell everyone that I reversed it all. I don't lie. It is something that i take pride in. My children are taught the same values. A lie is not permitted in my home.



I should be on this forum. This forum has helped me more than anyone has ever done. Anyone including loved ones. These people posting on this forum are reAl people just like me. Some have lost more than they can afford. Some have a serious problem. I am learning new things everyday. I am happy forums like this exist.



My wife has known me for a long time. Too long. She has weathered many storms with me. Don't worry about my finances. Part of me protecting myself includes not being able to touch money. That is not an issue anymore. It has not been an issue since my first child was born. I might have an illness but nothing will ever endanger my children's future.



As far as quitting, no need to quit. I like it. I like online slot machines. Actually, I love them.

Why stop a fun thing? I have now started to enjoy this hobby. Prior to PROVEN SYSTEM all I thought about was gambling. Day and night. Poker, vegas etc.... Day and bloody night!


Winning 50k since August has not changed me one bit. Not one bit.



End result is this... 12 step programs do not work for people like me. Sorry but that is reality.

The only thing that will work for me to completely not gamble is to only play online slots with limits and discipline. Nothing else will work. Nothing. I am too old to not know I know.


Sure I can stop for 6'months.... And???? I'll go blow it all somewhere one day after I relapse. Been there done that already. I can not quit nor do I want to. I want to gamble. I want to only play on my iphone. That's it. The past is history. The casinos, the pool rooms, the boats,,,,, no interest. None!





I appreciate your reaching out to make me try and see what my brain won't let me. Maybe one day I'll get fed up and stop. Who knows.


But for now.... PROVEN SYSTEM is in full throttle! Not winning anything but so much more relaxed. At peace with myself. Happy to be in total control. I am winning the fight. Even if I haven't won money today, I am happier than when I won 5 k two days ago with a minimal deposit.


I realized something so important. Winning is not what makes me happy, nope..... Not losing does.


One day, months from now, hopefully I will come here and say that this PROVEN SYSTEM is a success. That I did it. I have done everything I said I would. Isn't that better than being miserable?

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Problem is Johnny, limiting yourself to four grand a month isn't having the addiction under control. It doesn't matter how bad you were before, thats a ***** of a gambling problem, its more than most people earn in a month. And though you keep telling yourself somehow you can come up with a strategy, or style, or some other BS, that will let you win, its not the case. You could easily lose the whole 4k every month for a year with your bet sizes.


Your first post has a few bits of good advice for people in your situation, but the rest is garbage, and as I know you will never accept that or even discuss it in an intelligent way I'm gonna bow out of this thread right now - hopefully you will stop pushing this nonsense on every other thread you join now though and then as far as I'm concerned, theres no problem :)

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I can see this topic gathering lots of attraction, so let me clarify a few things...


1. Johnny has nothing to do with AG staff. 


2. I have already explained why he was given a tribune to share his @!#!@$!@ system and what will happen with all this in case it turns out to be something different than initially stated.


3. I can see some people here talking about gambling addiction in an extremely categorical and even preceptorial tone. A small request guys, please stick to the forum overall friendly tone and let me know asap if someone of you is a therapist or is having a real experience dealing with gamblers fighting with their addiction. AskGamblers would be happy to give you a tribune to share all information and advice you got for such people. 


4. Johnny, if I see even one more word concerning your @!#!@$!@ system in a thread, different than this one, there will be consequences, resulting in deletion of all 'derailing' posts. 


Thank you all for sharing opinions. 

Edited by ValDes
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4k per month is a ***** of a lot of money. Too much. I agree. For anyone.


If I hadn't made some money last month maybe it would have been less. Who knows??


Point is. For now, that is my budget. I hope I don't lose it every month. So far I am not winning since yesterday. Rough. Not a decent pay out yet. But hopefully it will change.



Go wild lost

Casino luck almost out

Next casino almost out

Jet bull getting deposit today.


If I lose everything today, PROVEN SYSTEM dictates for me not to play again until Monday. Can I do it? Yes. I am in control. I won't try to source out any other place that I have not excluded. I won't go anywhere locally. Nothing. I am done. Discipline of the brain to understand that I need to stop for 5 days is the best victory for me. Nothing less.



I received an email this morning from a fellow who is getting paid in 13 hours and his adreneline is pumping until he can go and play again. Man I know what he is going through right now. Been there. He is technically broke. He will take his paycheck and go wager it without a doubt. He said he wants to stop. He wants his own PROVEN SYSTEM. I hope somehow he understands that he can control himself. He needs to start by setting limits. That is step one.


I am no guru, I am no expert in helping people with gambling. I am nothing but a person who is trying to control an illness. PROVEN SYSTEM is my saviour. I must respect every module.


If I see a few weeks go by and have not profited, I have no problem reducing my weekly limit. Without hesitation. Who knows, maybe in a few months my limit will be 10 dollars per week! PROVEN SYSTEM. Is so broad. It's so perfectly suited for my style. It's my life. Maybe I'll even quit if I am not winning? The only thing I won't do ever again is let the illness inside me win. No freaking way. Total control.



JETBULL here we go...........

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No bonus taken at JETBULL. Less than 10 minutes to go bust. Lol



Step one is now complete. I have lost on all four hand picked casinos. I didn't even come close to hitting anything. Bad run I guess. All good


Now the hard part. Not playing until Monday. How will I manage to keep control of my illness. Bag of money ready to be deposited if I want. Winnings are there from the last month. So easy to just click and go. I am sure there are casinos I haven't excluded. Will I spend all day looking for them? Will I spend all day saying """I wanna play"""....nope!



I am done until next Monday. That's it! Total control. I am actually looking forward to trying again. I will do the exact same thing and play the same games. But this time, there are no bonuses available. None. MAybe better. We'll see.



PROVEN SYSTEM is in full throttle. If it was a plane it would now be cruising at 35000 feet!


These are the things that I am telling myself right now.........




You can


It's ok



Put phone down


Manage time

Only 5 days away

Be patient

Think about something else

Respect yourself and your commitment



week one results are as follows.....



Casino luck. -250

Go wild. -250

Next casino. -250

JetBull. -250



Over all week one results is loss of 1000 canadian dollars.



In French we say que l'on continue.




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Reading is relaxing. I'm gonna do it coco. I am so confident it makes me sick! Lol


Never did I actually feel so strong. Brain wise that is. Not gambling is easy. I can go months without betting a dime. But it's alwYs in my head. Now, I am not going nuts anymore. Strong steong steong positive thoughts only. I am winning.


Maybe I will go listen to some Cher music!!! Lol


Damn this brain conditioning is awesome.


For so long i have been miserable. OMG. So long. Finally. I am happy. I even took a nap! I can't believe it. I sleep 2-3 hours a day. U can see the time of my posts and play. I never sleep. A bundle of nerves! I haven't since I was a baby! Lol


My brain is so relaxed. Control is within. Anyone can do it!



Why didn't I think of doing something like this before!!!!

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Update on PROVEN SYSTEM....


Been thinking about the go wild pull out from the UK. So many things going through my mind. So many. Why would they pull out? I don't know the real reason. But I am scared. Yes I won last month. But that's not enough. I don't like casinos that pull out of the UK because of new legislation. I am very suspicious.


Monday, I lasted less than 15 minutes on GO Wild? Weird!



As of 5 minutes ago, I have officially excluded myself from the mighty GO wild casino. Ty gowild for being good to me but I basically lost my faith in you. Sorry.


FAB 4 will now be know as KILLING 3!


In OCTOBER. I will decide between unibet and 32red. One will make the FAB 4.


If y'all wondering about NOXWIN..... Be careful with this place. Be very careful. I will leave it at that for now.



So as of now. I am only playing on three casinos.

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Until October 15 or so my deposits will be 3x250


PROVEN STSTEM brain conditioning is slowly lowering my limits.


If I keep losing every week, without a cash out. My deposit limit will be lowered to 150 per week.


Eventually, if I am not winning anything at all and all my luck has officially runnout, then it's time to find another hobby. Or maybe keep one casino account open and throw 50 bucks inside to just fool around and see if I can repeat earlier successes achieved at many casinos with less than 100.


Best thing about all this, I am in total control.


I am solid now. Nothing until Monday.

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Last two paragraphs from an email I just got. I respect his privacy so I won't say anything else! Excellent........


Wish we could both have been winning. Soon I'll be losing and you'll be winning.


If it was not for "proven system" I would not have forced myself to make better decisions and I feel karma rewarded me for that

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U just have to love those belated bonuses!


Jet bull is so honest. After my deposit I didn't see where to get the bonus so I figured don't.

When I lost, I sent an email. Friendly. Wondering.


This morning, I receive an email that they put bonus in account.


An honest place with respect to its players.


Now sitting at 550. Long way to go though but basically free money. Why not!


Excellent service.



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Another email from someone whonis trying to take control.....


Good job. Excellent!!!!


I can't believe how this is helping others. I am delighted to see people actually trying to better themselves. That is excellent.


Stick to your program guys. Don't mess up. It takes one session to relapse and blow it all away. Your determination should be respected!!!I am only playing today becasue of a belated bonus. Otherwise I am respecting the discipline of PROVEN SYSTEM.



Here is chaps email...............










I withdrew £500 from videoslots. It is GBP which I try not to play with because somehow feels more expensive. I tried a few large bets like yours but lost £150 in 10 minutes and that scared me.


I have just applied another module of my system. Spend your winning! If I spend my winnings I can not be disappointed. I decided to buy an 4th Generation iPad. Can't believe it, never could even afford 1st generation. lol


Now I have paid bills and bought an iPad and still have more than I started with. Even if I lose the rest I get to look forward to the iPad arriving in the mail.


If I did not try to create a system I would have deposited it all back and lost, the system helps force you to make better choices. Even though I break some rules, I am making more effort to be responsible. That is actually a better feeling than winning itself

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I mentioned something about NOXWIN earlier in this thread about trust.... It has all been worked out. In no way are their free spins offered going to cause Any problems on your balance. U can still withdrawal. The balance does not get blocked. It was cleared up.


NOXWIN may become part of PROVEN SYSTEM replacing GO Wild. Depending on the time it takes to receive cash out.


Here is another email from a person trying to change.......






honestly feel so proud of myself right now. I have made almost all the right decisions and I feel overall a lot happier a person inside.


Just wanted to say thanks for all your advice. I know many people consider your system crazy, but I have never felt that way - in fact, you are one of few people on earth who I can relate to most.

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Although my PROVEN SYSTEM is in FULL THROTTLE i am experiencing a lot of turbulence tonight. Wednesday 9:35 pm and kids are sleeping. Wife is in bed relaxing and I am sitting here in my living room thinking about BDBA again paying me at 9'dollars a spin!


Week one has been easy until this moment. I guess it will take some time to flush out the memories of gambling. It is so hard to just watch the clock tick. I have said it over and over again that time is not a gamblers friend.


I won't gamble tonight because I am in control. But even a plane in full flight can experience severe turbulence. I guess I just have to weather this storm tonight.


I'll be as honest as I can be. If I was able to deposit in a MG/NT casino, i may not have able to keep control.


Exclusions are showing their true value to me tonight.



Wish I was sleepy. I'll be up till 3am for sure as usual. What a long night this isngoing to be!


PROVEN SYSTEM. Being seriously tested tonight. Must respect. Only way. I can not fail it or myself. I must be strong. I must stay strong. The fire inside me can not win.

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