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Found 18 results

  1. Check out this short film. I'm sure this forum will like it!
  2. it seems some sites have ruined the way bonuses should be, there is a site that if you claim a bonus , you first have to stake 30xBonus before you can start to use a bonus and then before you can withdraw the bonus you have to stake a further settled stakes of 30xBonus. what is this crazyness ?????????? what happened to the days of making a deposit and getting a 100% bonus or more and then you would have a cash balance and bonus balance ready to use.... usually you would first be using your cash balance before it dipped into the bonus balance, sometimes sites will stake 50% of cash and 50% bonus......... but this is crazy.... making a deposit and then they want a 30xBonus wagering BEFORE you get any bonus to use...... BRING back the way bonuses used to be.... give us the bonus straight away. e.g if you deposit 100e you should have 200e to work with ! and then stake 30xBonus , while using the 200e.........
  3. So has anyone else seen a casino raise the wagering requirements on all bonuses offered to you after a somewhat large withdrawal being made? Ive been a player at this online casino for over a year now and up until now I have had no issues with making withdrawals or with wagering requirements being raised after. The casino offered awesome bonuses ex: 250%-350% of deposit with 30X playthrough, perk points, fast bitcoin withdrawals, great game selection, etc. Which is why I stopped playing at other sites and became a regular player at this casino only. I honestly feel like I am being scammed, after making my last recent withdrawal my wagering requirements went from 30X to 60X?!!!???? Thats ridiculous, like Im a player who makes several deposits on daily basis so besides the fact that I made a large withdrawal, and the amount of money I deposit in a 30 day period every month compared to my entire withdrawal history on the site. I just feel very misled and scammed since they are known for prioritizing their "Fair Play" and being one of the most highly recommended online casinos.. I even tried contacting live chat about it but they were ZERO help, and couldn't even explain why it happened. So then after this i start looking into there T&C policy and the only thing I could find that could be a possible reason as to why it would have been raised is if: I dont understand how I would be viewed as abusing the bonus system, if I make several deposits daily and have only made 4 withdrawals in the past year that I have been playing at this site??? Would it be a good idea to file a complaint for this? I just feel like with the amount of money i deposit, they would care about losing a player due to raising wager req, and making it almost inevitably impossible in having any fair chance of winning?
  4. Hi guys I'm doing some research and for this one I need your expertise please! I'm looking for casinos that have a high max bet? Anything over let's say £5. Any one know of any? Also guys I know we have a thread of casinos that have max bet protection but it's a little out of date so if you could add more up to date casinos that have some kind of protection please can you also add them here. Looking for some quick replies please guys. Cocopop.
  5. I would like to know what you think about online casino bonuses. Do you prefer to play with bonuses or not ? And why ? Do you have mathematically explanation behind your choice ? Do you have a strategy to complete your wagering requirements ? Personnally, I think 100% bonus with 25X to 30X the wagering requirement is fair enough and should be taken. I avoid bonuses under 100% and/or bonuses with high wagering requirements like 40X deposit + bonus. GOOD LUCK GAMBLERS !!!
  6. Hi everyone, I just wondered what rules you have in place for wagering requirements. What I mean by this is what's the maximum wagering requirement you're prepared to accept when taking a bonus? Back in my early days of gambling I never used to care what the amount was I'd take anything, now I'm far more fussy. Being offered a bonus with a 60x wagering requirement for example is a no-no for me now, I just don't have the time any more to sit and try and meet these kind of requirements. I'm also VERY reluctant these days to accept wagers that require both bonus + deposit to be wagered. Out of interest do any of you have any limits like this or do you just take anything?
  7. hello friends im loking good casino for this wekend with good bonus with minimum wagering 20x-25x meybe :)cant someone offer me somthing ?
  8. Took advantage of the 200% deposit bonus and 100 wager free spins! Got lucky cleared the wagering requirements, cashed out 1500 euro. Wasnt confident it was going to be an easy ride where I could receive my winnings and run. And my feelings were correct. I woke up to an email stating I had breached their bonus terms and conditties by placing bonus bets over 7.50 usd ( or euro equivelent) and they have voided my winnings and put my original deposit back into my casino account! They always find a way not to pay! My bad for not reading the terms and Conditions! just a learning curve for someone new to the gambling world have deleted account.will stick to sites I know and trust in future
  9. Okay so ..., I had 25 free spins at BGO Casino on Secrets of Atlantis. Won £4.20. Changed to Jack and the Beanstalk and got up to £25, changed to Starburst to smash the wagering (only £142). Played @ 40p a spin and Starburst did not let me down! I very quickly raised my balance to almost £90 - it was a very good day on Starburst. Finished wagering now at just under £80. But here is my dilemma. Do I withdraw or keep trying for more? Usually I would play some more and see how it goes but I have a rather sizeable withdrawal waiting at another casino which I also got from some free spins, I can't give details yet until the money is in my bank, I don't like to jinx it. But this £80 will bring my winnings to over £700 so.....do I take the gamble and try for me or withdraw? What would you do guys? I don't like taking risks
  10. Hi I have 24 hours to meet these wagering requirements. Any advice/suggestions to come out with a profit? thanks
  11. I'm not too bothered about the max bet rule myself since I'm a low roller, my bets never exceed the max bet. However this I know is something that effects quite a few of you here. I came across something today at Expekt Casino which I haven't seen before. You'll have to excuse me because this may be normal I've just never needed to take any notice of it - but it seems like an alternative to the max bet rule. Here it is: Quite harsh I think considering the amount of wagering you'll be adding on, and this will be for every win where the bet is over £10. Surely it would just be easier to stick to the £10 rule?
  12. Afternoon all So my question for today is, (and the answer may be obvious but hear me out first) Which bonuses do you do better on Wager or Wager Free? You'd automatically think that a bonus, for example winnings from free spins, that are wager free is much easier to withdraw from. And in principle it is of course. But whenever I have a wager free free spins I always seem to lose in the end and hardly ever make a withdrawal despite the fact that I had no wagering. Whereas I could have a £20 bonus, have to go through at least £1000 in wagering and manage to make a withdrawal. Which begs the question which of these two scenarios do you do best out of? Do you always manage to withdraw from wager free free spins or do you do better when there's a wager attached?
  13. Evening everyone! I have a question. When you receive free spins, whether its after just a deposit or if you get a bonus as well as free spins when do you play them? I always do my free spins after I have played through my bonus or once my balance is at zero. The only downfall with this is if the free spins have already be credited it means I can't use the game in question until i'm ready to use my free spins! When do you play yours?
  14. Okay so here is my dilemma. Whilst playing @ Casino Saga I won €500 on one of the boss levels. Whilst this should be a reason for celebration it most definitely is not. These winnings came with a hefty wagering of €21,000. I was so thrilled when I won it and it was the complete opposite feeling when I realised the wagering. I wish I hadn't won it to be honest. But I have so I am now asking for your help!! Does anyone have any suggestions how I can meet this wagering and most importantly how I can meet it fast! In case you haven't seen my screenshots in another thread I will post again to get you all in the loop. All comments welcome .... P.s my wagering is a little under €21,000 now from gameplay since screenshot
  15. Hey what's happening when those 3 stars show up and what needs to be shown in other lines for something good?
  16. Helloooooo I have a question for you! Hope you won't find it too funny So, while I was playing a bonus, hopelessly trying to complete wagering, I wondered if it's allowed to add more money as your deposit, so you raise up your current balance with that addition and then also use it, together with previous balance, to complete your wagering? Or you're allowed to chase the wagering requirements only with your deposit which triggered the bonus you're trying to complete the wagering for? Hope you understand what I'm talking about and asking about?
  17. For those of you who don't know I recently registered and deposited at Slotobank Casino, I was also successful in making a small withdrawal Before I share my story and my opinions of the casino - I was wondering if anyone else here had any player experience with this casino?
  18. We all have propably sometimes wagered money in casino before withdrawing it and often it is not so easy and you loose all during wagering. Money comes from bonuscodes, registeration offers, deposit-offers and freespins... So, we all know that process and wagering is mostly 30-40x that money what you have won. Sometimes just 10x, but sometimes even 50x or much much more... Depending on casino. So, what are Your favourite games for wager-process? For me those are: NetEnt: Starburst, Dead or Alive and Kings of Chicago and if I have lot of money, then many other slots... Microgaming: Break da Bank Again Well, sometimes I try those jackpot-slots like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods.
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