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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am a new member Here and I’ve enjoyed reading all the content. Now I apologies for this long winded first thread (I’ll delete other comment on other post as I now have a further update) are you ready? Because This is a complete laugh. I would consider myself a sportsbook gambler who bets on exchanges. Now and then I have a little go on slots. The account in question was really only opened 10 or so years ago To play a free entry pick 6 on a Saturday afternoon. I’ve had it that long I’ve added 3 cards to account to deposit simply to keep the account up to date when each card/ Payment method expires. Every now and then maybe once or twice a year I will upload £20 and spend it on slots and that would be it. In fact the only withdrawal I have had in all that time was a share of a free entry Horse racing pick 7 prize and it went straight into bank account . So on Thursday I up load £30 and go onto the slots having a great time. £1 spin so It ruins out of credit and I make another up load of £70 again enjoyed my time hit £0 again all in around 20-25 mins but, see when you get that feeling of the feature is gonna come and got to live a little. So o upload another £100 which to me was nothing but got a buzz like I haven’t since my early 20’s within 30 Minutes plying £3 a spin my balance was £2987. So this continued for a bit then switch to £5 a spin, again was enjoying it. I bounced about £3000 and £1400 for the next 3 hours non stop, I had said I’ll play the stakes as is and if I get £5k I will just stop and withdraw: so anyways a long story short you all know what happened in the next couple of hours non stop, no log out, not even onto another game. I had said to myself I won’t upload again if it goes to £0 as it’s not my thing to do go chasing loses. The buzz was great but I can now see how people can lose everything Quickly. I have had 0 problems through the whole time online, I then look on the gaming tab and I hadn’t spun the prize machine, So I go do what I do and come back 30mins or so later to do my free daily spin and I am met with a message on the tab saying that The casino was having a little trouble But it was at their end and Not my end , maybe busy so I leave it 2-3 hours and go back on; still the same message so I contact a social media account and they tell em clear cache etc. So I do this and still the same problem, but the way it was sent kinda annoyed me. So ask again and I am told it’s my device and they were having trouble with not popular handsets and mine was one, so I then log onto a Facebook promotion and there is people sending screenshots of their bets and on FB live but still can’t access mine. Then through the session on FB I don’t see Any Complaints, like none . So alarm bells started to ring. I ask social media if my account was suspended or restricted but I am told it’s my device again. For context I have the latest iPhone so I thought I’ll search their social media channels. Guess what, absolutely no complaints so this kinda *****d me off so I go onto live chat I am told again it’s 100-% the devices I have a friend just came into the house with the same device. I tell him everything what’s happened and he asks me did I get any warning messages while playing slots I said no, he said you should have playing for 5 hours solid. So we check my account history over 10 years and my total deposits including the 200 on that day was £808, now he says that they should get flags for someone playing that long and especially someone who’s never done it in 10 years. So he gets me to ask if I have any flags/Warnings/Restrictions/ Suspensions amd again I’m told no by live chat. Told it’s absolutely the device so I try 2 other of my devices That are completely different and it comes up same message. So I ask my friend to log into one of the devices and guess what ! Not a problem. So I’m kinda pissed again as the mega prize machine would be lost after 12. While the live chat continued to lie through their teeth and my friend checks the whole history. Bearing in mind my whole transactions for 10 years was £808 my stakes In that session alone was £15.7k was then it starts to really make sense, as I explained to him the only time I wasn’t in profit was the first half hour. The rest of the time I was in a couple Grands profit. So at this point I’m messaging another friend who is a head trader at a major bookmaker. He explains that it sounds as if they chose not to intervene deliberately as was in profit but I should have brought up every single red flag or they didn’t get any at all and systems have failed to protect me as a consumer and all the lies are starting to annoy me. When all I wanted was a shot on the prize machine. So I open a complaint as the customer service was terrible. So next day I get to speak to a few other customer service team members at other companies and they are convinced that when the account hit £0 they restricted me to look as it they had intervened, ask the live help again and told no flags, restrictions, no nothing then low and behold a email comes through about the amount of time I played the day before was a concern. So I ask again and I’m still told it’s my device. So I let my friend log into his account on my phone and it worked fine. Low and behold mines didn’t after he logged out. I then wake up this morning and my account is in full suspension. What a load of hassle for a 10p Ted scratchcard but now it’s annoyed me I would like to know if anyone has experienced this at all before and what my rights are for not protecting me as a consumer. I will report it to the UKGC at a point. All this and if I had just spun the prize machine I would not have had a clue how unfairly I was treated “, said Casino will contact tomorrow and resolve the issue. See what is said but I think I am a I’ll going to report it to The various Authorities as they would me if I was I the wrong
  2. So has anyone else seen a casino raise the wagering requirements on all bonuses offered to you after a somewhat large withdrawal being made? Ive been a player at this online casino for over a year now and up until now I have had no issues with making withdrawals or with wagering requirements being raised after. The casino offered awesome bonuses ex: 250%-350% of deposit with 30X playthrough, perk points, fast bitcoin withdrawals, great game selection, etc. Which is why I stopped playing at other sites and became a regular player at this casino only. I honestly feel like I am being scammed, after making my last recent withdrawal my wagering requirements went from 30X to 60X?!!!???? Thats ridiculous, like Im a player who makes several deposits on daily basis so besides the fact that I made a large withdrawal, and the amount of money I deposit in a 30 day period every month compared to my entire withdrawal history on the site. I just feel very misled and scammed since they are known for prioritizing their "Fair Play" and being one of the most highly recommended online casinos.. I even tried contacting live chat about it but they were ZERO help, and couldn't even explain why it happened. So then after this i start looking into there T&C policy and the only thing I could find that could be a possible reason as to why it would have been raised is if: I dont understand how I would be viewed as abusing the bonus system, if I make several deposits daily and have only made 4 withdrawals in the past year that I have been playing at this site??? Would it be a good idea to file a complaint for this? I just feel like with the amount of money i deposit, they would care about losing a player due to raising wager req, and making it almost inevitably impossible in having any fair chance of winning?
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