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Found 12 results

  1. Okay guys so since this is so important and we have so many members here getting caught out by this rule I think we should have a thread dedicated to all the casinos implementing the new changes to Max Bet. I will update the thread each time we can officially confirm a casino has some kind of protection preventing players going over the max bet rule. So each time you hear of a casino adding such a feature please come here and let me know. Thanks guys. Official List of Casinos with Max Bet Protection 1. FreakyVegas Casino 2. Trada Casino (Trada offer you a Second Chance, If you are found to have broken the maximum bet term Trada will not seize all winnings. Instead, they will reset your balance to how it was at prior to breaching the maximum bet term. Read more about this protection HERE) 3. BitStarz Casino (Click HERE for more info) 4. Ikibu Casino 5. VideoSlots Casino (Please see below)
  2. I was playing at Dazard bet casino with a deposit bonus and while starting my session on Easter Island my PC froze. I started pressing randim buttons and accidentally made a bet of $2.5 which breaches allowed max bet of $1.5. I went to chat and asked for help and they said this is special bonus and max bet for these bonuses are $7.5 If any thing happens the decision will be favoured on my side right?
  3. Hi guys I'm doing some research and for this one I need your expertise please! I'm looking for casinos that have a high max bet? Anything over let's say £5. Any one know of any? Also guys I know we have a thread of casinos that have max bet protection but it's a little out of date so if you could add more up to date casinos that have some kind of protection please can you also add them here. Looking for some quick replies please guys. Cocopop.
  4. Most of us realize that safely making bets is the sure way to keeping our balance in check. But just what happens when you intentionally click the spin button only to not know that your clicker was right on the max bet button! By my mistake, I'm glad this happened on Bitstars just when I activated and played my 10 free spins on True Illusions. I aimed for $0.60 a spin then I accidentally hit max bet thinking to myself "Nooooo, why did this happen!! Come on!!!!". My balance of $3.30 was spinning on one $0.02 coin size at $1.50 ($3 total) and hit a card feature paid me for 3000 or $60 win!!! I completely withdrew my feelings of my mistake. Below my mistake that gave me a great chance at $$$. Share your similar experience of hitting the max bet accidentally.
  5. Went onto pkr casino, deposited £380. Was given a £300 welcome bonus. Was playing for about a week. Got it up to over £6000. Even got a email congratulating me on my winnings. Withdrew £6000, after a week waiting for a email saying I breached there terms and conditions. Dear Alan, We have generated a support ticket to help us track your inquiry. Your ticket code is LTK111530196245557X. Please use this code in any further communication. This is Keith from the Security Team at PKR. We are contacting you regarding your recent play at our casino after accepting the casino welcome bonus and terms. We note that your play sessions were seeded or funded by bonus money play, as with many other operators there are rules surrounding the use of bonus money play, either by way of the games it can be used on or the rules around staking patterns. The PKR Casino Welcome Bonus includes the below terms, which you have breached by placing bets of a higher value than permitted. 16.The maximum stake or bet allowed until the wagering requirements of the Welcome Bonus Offer are met is €10 (or currency equivalent) or 20% of the deposited amount per spin, whichever is the lower. PKR reserves the right to void any Welcome Bonus Offer and any associated winnings where this term is breached. As such, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions we have taken the action outlined above and have removed any winnings from your account leaving you with your original deposited funds of £380 which you are welcome to use as you wish at PKR ensuring that you stick to the terms and conditions. Your loyalty level and points have also been reset. Also as a gesture of goodwill, we have replaced your welcome bonus you lost as a result of your actions, we have therefore refunded your bonus balance with £300 which has the same terms & conditions as your original welcome bonus. If you would prefer not to have this bonus please contact us to have this removed from your account before placing any real money wagers. Should you have any query or questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Sincerely, Keith PKR Security Team
  6. I think we all knew once one casino did it everyone else would follow suit and now BitStarz Casino have added their very own Max Bet Bonus Protection. If you bet over the allowed limit you'll now see an error message saying "You have reached your player limit" and you can't carry on playing until you lower your bet size! Another great move by BitStarz. Read the full story HERE.
  7. If anyone can provide some advice on the best online slots with large bets (8-18 usd per bet) please let me know. However I can only choose among the following: Betsoft Amatic Game Art Isoft Bet Endorphina Thank you for any advise. Some games seem to never hit free games on big bets, just curious for anyone's experience on this topic with there providers.
  8. I'm not too bothered about the max bet rule myself since I'm a low roller, my bets never exceed the max bet. However this I know is something that effects quite a few of you here. I came across something today at Expekt Casino which I haven't seen before. You'll have to excuse me because this may be normal I've just never needed to take any notice of it - but it seems like an alternative to the max bet rule. Here it is: Quite harsh I think considering the amount of wagering you'll be adding on, and this will be for every win where the bet is over £10. Surely it would just be easier to stick to the £10 rule?
  9. Hello everyone! I have a question for you all! When you hit that big win say x1000 your bet what do you do next? Do you instantly withdraw if your wagering allows you to? Or do you keep playing and raise your bet in the hope to win even more? I'm a safe player and I have to be honest I'm the kind of player if I'm able to withdraw once I've hit big I'll just withdraw it straight away. I'm always very reluctant to continue playing and bet big because more often or not I end up losing it all! Share you comments below. What's your strategy after you have won big?
  10. I have to first start this thread off by saying how impressed I am with all the winner screenshots lately and even more impressed with all the big bets that keep appearing! Since I started gambling I have never been one to place high bets, I have always been a minimum bet kind of girl with the exception of a few occassions where I have been able to place big bets. I know I am never going to strike it lucky and win hundreds of thousands of pousands on minimum bets but to be honest lately I never have chance to bet more than this. But even when I do have a big bankroll I never really raise my bet to say £2-£3 a spin, because I dont have the guts haha! Valleys on the other hand is far more gutsy than me. Now, I know it depends on how much money you have to start off with but I just wondered what your preferred stake is? So do you go straight in for the bigger bets and feel comfortable with this or see how it goes first and then raise your stake if you can?
  11. Okay so here is my dilemma. Whilst playing @ Casino Saga I won €500 on one of the boss levels. Whilst this should be a reason for celebration it most definitely is not. These winnings came with a hefty wagering of €21,000. I was so thrilled when I won it and it was the complete opposite feeling when I realised the wagering. I wish I hadn't won it to be honest. But I have so I am now asking for your help!! Does anyone have any suggestions how I can meet this wagering and most importantly how I can meet it fast! In case you haven't seen my screenshots in another thread I will post again to get you all in the loop. All comments welcome .... P.s my wagering is a little under €21,000 now from gameplay since screenshot
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