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  1. Pragmatic's 3K contest https://forum.askgamblers.com/topic/16275-closed-pragmatic-play-tournament-win-a-share-of-€3000/
  2. Thank you for the lil insight! and congrats on your win! well deserved since you've always been so active on all the previous events and kept track of everything GG fam
  3. @Afi4wins Since you're mainly playing Zeus vs Hades; how long did it usually take you to hit big? I'm having loss streaks of over 2000 spins on Hades
  4. Heyo, 421x Sugar Rush 1000 Getslots.com (see the URL) @cocopop3011 is that sufficient?(URL, third screen)
  5. 175x Playzilla Casino Any recommendations on what games to play by them? They all seem super lackluster
  6. Bohocasino.com 116,5x Alrighty, MexoMax was okay - this is just mad. almost 10k spins in total, at 3 different casinos nothing is happening here
  7. hellooo again folks Wish y'all the best of luck Freespino.com 61x can't upload screen, it states server error 200
  8. Missed your message (not getting any notifcations on AG for some reason) and nope, in fact; I made over 60K spins on Cows, a 20€ +200% deposit would last me around 20K spins Buffalo on the other hand; Used some freespins (won around 30€, 3 times) - balance went to 0 in the blink of an eye. and the Full Coin thingy on buffalo: I saw that more often than wins above the 30x. but well, eventually it's just luck and a good algorithm. (my recent win on Zeus vs. Hades was on the lowest RTP setting, starting balance was 1.4€ from a bonus, made 4000 spins and balance was going upwards only - played on highest RTP now, balance literally zoom'd down to 0 :D)
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