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  1. Ouf, I would have to take a dip dig into another, B2B dimension Account managers might know this
  2. Hey all, I reported both loading and replay issues, hopefully will hear something back soon
  3. What do you mean @Blackjax ? Is there any screen shot of the issue please?
  4. Hey @Afi4wins - what is the issue? are not showing? Which casino(s)? Thanks!
  5. Hey @Icy Sorry again for missing this idea due to my messy notifications Interesting - I'm just a bit confused with this recording part - let's say it's me who do it - how exactly would that go? How can I record someone else's bonus buys? ps. Correct, there's always a few tournaments on Social Tournaments, based on total win, but with only bonus buy option enabled
  6. Hey guys, sorry for missing out tags and messages, I again don't get any notification or email for both. This is how my bell looks and when I click red dot, it says Failed to load. Before, I was getting email for messages at least. now nothing Really hope to fix this soon, so I don't miss anything Taking the case now with Sharon
  7. Hey hey everybody Using this cool corner for presenting you here and today the largest Blackjack promotion online! With a monthly budget of €/£ 1,000,000, Blackjack League features four different daily tournaments designed for players at a range of stake levels.500 prizes are up for grabs every day throughout the promotion, including a top daily prize of €10,000 in cash!PROMOTION DETAILSCash prizes totalling €/£ 3,185,000* are set to be awarded over the course of the promotion: 91 X Bronze Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 3,000 91 X Silver Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 7,000 91 X Gold Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 15,000 91 X Privé Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 10,000 *The total prize pool distributed may vary during the promotion and it is subject to change at Pragmatic Play’s sole discretion.HOW PLAYERS CAN PARTICIPATEA player must place a real-money qualifying bet on a participating table/game to take part. Winners will be awarded prizes based on their final leaderboard positions in accordance with the tournament criteria. Good luck Promotions runs till 30th June 2024
  8. Oki doki, so you all agree we shall focus on latest game releases with contests? We're allowing all games just so you all have way wider choice and we understand some games are not even available in some operators or regions
  9. Ok, so the core suggestion is to have some sort of promotional calendar with info and prize pool announced and guaranteed?
  10. Congrats @loceff13 and @ales200 And thanks @cocopop3011 for this great idea of additional fun
  11. For sure, was just making sure I fully understood the idea and also that idea applies to ST.com It's certainly added to my suggestions reports
  12. @jan duchau As I understood, you suggest a selected number of ST players having opportunity to test PP games in beta version, before official release, in form of mini tournaments based on invitation only?
  13. Thank you Coco's idea was sent when there was 5 vacant spots, so let's wait for her to confirm if it can apply with only 2
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