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Paid Position available within our sporting section!! Please Read.

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Hi everyone.

I have an exciting opportunity coming soon for someone to join me in the forum within our Sporting Section. This will be a paid role, although we have not finalised the details yet. 

We are looking for someone with sporting experience who will be able to help us in getting our sporting section off the ground. You would be responsible for creating topics regarding sports and interacting with people within the sporting section. Again, we have not finalised the details, but I am working on this. We will consider moderator access, but again these details are yet to be confirmed, and this is solely for our sporting section only. 

For now, I would like to know who would be interested in applying for this, and who thinks they could commit. The role would mean daily interaction in the sporting section, as well as engaging in the rest of the forum  as usual. 

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1 minute ago, Flatzem said:

does a paid role like this still mean that the person can still continue to take part in the paid review contests and screenshot contests ?

I am still looking at this option and deciding on whether we would allow the person to, which is why I am unsure on where or not I would give them Moderator access as this automatically means they can’t take part in contests. So again this is something I will decide soon. 

If interested, please also state whether or not you would still want to take part in paid contests. 

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I don't think i would be able to give this more than two to three months. It would be wrong from my side if I didn't mention it in advance and it would also be unfair for the person who actually wants to do it. 

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