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In regards to @Blackjax screenshot - I spoke with Guru and because we can clearly see the time in India on your screenshot as 3:15 am , we will accept. It’s also not your fault that PNG record the times like that. 

Going forward for future contests I will publish new rules regarding time zones. 

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59 minutes ago, cocopop3011 said:

Glad to see all positions are filled so far! If we have another one then that really makes it a competition 😛

Kayenne said he would be interested to join in, but has yet to make an appearance. 😜

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5 hours ago, cocopop3011 said:

@AnOldFriend Please upload your screenshots to the game review and post the new link for me when you do.

Hey Cocopop3011, I was able to edit one of my screenshots however I cannot go back to the same page to post my 2nd screenshot over at https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/iron-bank-relax-gaming

It leads me back to the AG homepage. Btw, it seems tricky to learn the editing and posting the screenshots (no blanks and special characters) but I gotten the hang of things. 

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