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Announcement: August Contests - Coming Soon

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36 minutes ago, helenakp said:

Fickle minded Afioso 😅 well Hold your horses buddy, because this June will be a Super June for me 🤑

Well my dear Helena, I wasn't referring to you as a fickle-minded member, but the others who seem just not interested to participate...maybe of the smallish prizes, or the lack of winning chances.

A Super June for you? Whooopie! Hope to see lots of screenies from  you then! :D

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1 hour ago, cocopop3011 said:

Cocopop is sick 😔 I’ll be back tomorrow guys. 

Oh geeeees! Get well soon...

Actually I'm not well too...my wallet is sick! :lol:

(A little light humour to lighten the day)

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Okay guys so contests for June.

We have the AG Together contest that will run all month. 

We have the New Members contest that will run all month. 

We will have a screenshot contest with the remainder of the prize fund. We will use Afi's concept or more prizes (5-6). We will also have a minimum 10x multiplier to invite more members to take part and trial the new contest. 

I also have a Provider-Sponsored contest this month with big prizes! Could be starting as soon as tomorrow!

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32 minutes ago, cocopop3011 said:

Amazon vouchers.

I hope there will be many who would be interested in Amazon Vouchers. I am not, sorry. 😔

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  • cocopop3011 changed the title to Announcement: August Contests - Coming Soon

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