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Found 13 results

  1. About 5 years ago when I started online gambling my only source to find new games was YouTube. I used to look at YouTube videos and decide which slot to play. While surfing YouTube I came across this slot called warlords and fell in love with it. For the ones unfamiliar, warlords is a 30 line 5 reel slot by netent. The slot is an ancient war themed slot with great graphics and since I only used to play micro gaming and playtech slots before it was quite appealing. One of the exciting things about the way bonus landed. The slot had three features which landed a bonus feature according to the characters. Blue scatter would land Barbarian feature where you get 3 spins for every scatter plus all low paying symbols removed. Green scatter triggered priestess bonus where you get one multiplier per scatter. Red scatter would trigger samurai bonus where every scatter becomes sticky wild. If you get two scatters of different colors there would be a battle and after both the scatters become of same color you either had s chance of getting more scatters or a cash win. When I saw this game on YouTube this was the only game I wanted to play. My first session on this game was decent as I made a £30 profit on this. Next time I did a little bigger bets and lost it all. Then every time I played this game I only had bad sessions the game had such bad volatility that landing two scatters was also impossible. Even when the bonus landed it would pay bad. The Barbarian bonus could give you 100+ spins but would still pay less than 70x, the priestess symbol would never connect more than 3 symbols of the low paying symbols meanwhile the samurai bonus of sticky wild would not even give you a chance of connection. This slot was one of my biggest mistakes as I decided to play this slot without reading the review and just went by videos. Feel free to list all slots that you had assumed would pay really high but ended up disappointing you.
  2. We all know that MGA license is the most respected license in gambling world. To get this license casinos need to follow a lot of strict rules. One of the rules is that the games cannot have an RTP lower than 92%. I just heard that since the MGA license authority has been getting less traffic from the past year or so they have decided that they might lower the required RTP for slots from 92% to a lower value. This will allow a lot of dodgy casinos with low RTP to obtain MGA license. But apart from this will it affect us more. Any inside info @ValDes and @cocopop3011
  3. Hello Everyone! Most of the time, before playing with Real Money on either a new slot, ''hot'' slot or a jackpot slot I will play Bonus Money just the get the feel of it... So my point is, I got that weird feeling that bonus and free spins comes really easy on ''fun'' balance making you willing to try it with your ''real'' balance. But, as soon as you start spinning the slot, it is mostly dead! Really low RTP, scatters, wild and high paying symbols are rare. What do you think of it? Give me some feedback!!
  4. I dont know if this topic has been raised before so I would like to know if it matters when a slot provider uses other platform to provide their game to player. For eg. BTG allowd white rabbit, bonanza, extra chilli, millionaire to be played on relax, microgaming or quickfire. Does it effect the RTP of the game. A lot of people say that BTG is the most honest when it comes to RTP but when it provides its games to other platform can it be nerfed. For eg PLAYnGO are nerfed for certain markets. This is different but still i hope u get the point.
  5. Myth: RTP or return to player is the only determing factor on how much money can be won on slots, all casinos have the same winning chance assuming rtp is the same. Truth: RTP does not matter at all and there is a noticeable difference in non popular online casinos versus very popular online casinos. Slotmachines use «amount of money earned» as its main algorithm.
  6. So this might come of as a sore losers thread but im trying to shed light on a few things that i find suspicius about online gambling. Last December i won around 13000€ at a casino cahsed out and was happy... For months on end after that i could not win anything,anywhere playing the same provider(NetEnt). No bonus rounds, 1-10x stake paying ones just awfull sessions untill i had lost atleast the amount i had won over a periode of maybe 6 months. I know winning 10k+ is unlikley, but im talking about it shouldent be to hard in over 100 deposits to see a proffit in one session of a few hundred euros or even 1k. Fast forward to this June/July winning another 11-12K from a 1.1 euro spin. Cashed out and happy.. Redeposited maybe 2,5K in the same casino hitting nothing but awfull sessions, and since that day i have been on an insane losing streak. In the last 60-70 deposits i have not been ahead more than maybe 4-5 times!!!! (Once up to 600 euros on a 300 deposit, and up maybe 100 or so on a 200 deposit a few times.. In one casino alone i have lost over 5K betting between 0.50-1.50 euros a spin no higher, and never being ahead more than once or twice by an unsignificant amount. How is this just bad luck? I understand the concepts of variance, but for this kind of bad luck to happen twice after big wins gotta be astronomical!! I simply cannot win anywhere playing NetEnt as if they put some kind of block on my I.P adresse. My question is do you think casinos/software providers are running some kind of indivdual RTP based on your IP or something like that? I seam to always hit losing streaks after cashing out. ALWAYS! And these two last ones has been just to unreal.. Like i am in the twilight zone. How can we trust that the games are totally random? There are no proof. They just say its been tested... They are not tested lets say on a monthley basis.. Its just checked that the RTP is what they say on and their RNG is fair and then thats that. Whos to say they cannot alter this? Or play with individual RTP´s? If they know you play alot they could gain alot from setting your RTP low and imaginge if they do that to thousands of players... After this happend i also mentioned this on another casino forum, and after complaining alot it seams it has gotten even worse... Sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory i know, but like i say its like the twilight zone.
  7. Greetings Community , Just thought i'd start this topic to see what players like to see in a good casino one where they feel comfortable spending money in on an ongoing basis Ill advance the first theory this is what I like to see in a casino I know its not a perfect world but these are my ideal conditions : A Good Casino Should Have : 1. A Good Website where everything is clear , precise , Updated Zero Second , stable (no ****** game errors etc) , and fast loading . 2. A Stable Connection with regards to website (instant play casino's) , and downloadable clients . 3. Compatibility with all the main browsers (not 100 percent essential but a good idea) . 4. A Large Selection of Casino games e.g Slots , Bingo , Scratch Cards , Video Poker , and etc etc (And structured well with a search capability to find things easily) . 5. A Live running Return to Player Percentage for all games displayed in real time with each game . 6. 24/7 Professional Customer Service : Live Chat , Phone , and Email (With Fast Response Times) . 7 . Good Promotions i.e a good reward system encompassing ongoing monthly reload bonuses , Reward Points for Cash/Free Spins , and Good promotions in General Ongoing etc . 8 . The Casino should be located in a reputable jurisdiction . 9 . The Casino should be audited and the Return to Player Percentages be Public Knowledge. 10. The terms and conditions should be clear and precise nothing should be hidden and the flexibility of the terms should be friendly to the customer for example lets be realistic forbidden games whilst using a bonus is a bit over the top everything is subject to a random number generator there's no such thing as a sure bet. 11. There should be no limits with payouts if a Casino can accept no limit to deposits it should be the same with withdrawals (within reason I accept that some casino's are structured according their capital base that's acceptable but in perfect world no limits would be good) . 12 . Withdrawals Should be Fast : E-Wallets Instant , Cards 2-3 Business Days , and Bank Withdrawals 3-5 Business Days (Emphasis on "Instant") . 13 . There should be no Pending Times Verification should be a live process and the first withdrawal should not take longer than 5 hours and If pending times exist there should be a manual over ride otherwise is simply a relic of the past and simply delays withdrawals common knowledge. 14 . There should be open communication with reputable gambling forums in regard to player dispute's and mediation , discussion of casino pro's and con's , and etc . 15. In regards to Maximum bet restrictions which I disagree with to begin with as once again everything is a roll of the dice bonus or no bonus chance of loosing it all regardless : it should be technically impossible to exceed the maximum bet or play on a restricted game (which again I disagree with for the aforementioned) . 16. Verification should be simplistic , flexible , and fast 1 hour tops if not faster and should not encompass the need for notarized Material for simple matters when I say simple a million dollar win compared with 10 or 15 grand for example. In a perfect world yes these would be my requirements .
  8. Hey again! Two interviews in one day aren't you a lucky bunch! We've interviewed Stepanka Chmelarova who is the Marketing Manager over at Endorphina. So, if like me you haven't had chance to try out all their games yet this is the perfect opportunity to learn more! Read the full interview HERE to find out more about Bitcoin, future releases, RTP Stats and more!
  9. Hey guys I did some searching around and checked the payouts from different casino's. Here are some of the best slots to place your bets at (without the classic slots): Venetian Rose 99,6%(!) Found at intercasino Nemo's Voyage 99%: Found at: Slottyvegas and bgo Go Go Banana´s 98,90% Found at bgo 1429 Uncharted Seas 98,63%. Found at Slottyvegas and jetbull Sportsfishing 98,3% Found at Slottyvegas Girls with guns -Frozen Dawn: ~98% Found at betatcasino Big Bad Wolf: ~98% Found at betatcasino Alien Robots 98% Found at bgo Ragnarok 98% Found at casinoluck Blood Suckers 98% Almost everywhere I will add more slots to this list soon. The slots RTP can difference between casino´s keep that in mind.
  10. Hello everyone In case you didn't know we've been talking certain games RTP's in this topic Highest paying slots around 98% and it's actually got me thinking! If you haven't read the other topic yet you wont know that I never, have never, and probably never will check a games RTP before I play them. So I'm wondering how many of you actually do check the RTP of games before you play them?
  11. Hey there, Since I am very interested in the progressive jackpots and how they relate to the RTP (return to player) I tried doing some calculations to find out if any progressive slots would actually go above 100% RTP. I found one now! The Monty Python's Spamalot slot Here is some of my data: Average payout: 93,99% Jackpot contribution of each spin: 3,00% Initial jackpot: $500.000 Average jackpot: $1.078.219 Current jackpot: $2.837.575 Current payout: 103,12% What do you guys think about these numbers? Would you consider playing a progressive slot machine based on numbers like these? Looking forward to getting some feedback
  12. Hi! I'm in quite a long and bad run recently in all of my favorite Micrigaming casinos! Play there from years, but now I got some odd feeling(lurking behind my ears ) that something's wrong with the RTPs! Thousands and thousands of spins without any decent win of at least 50-60 x bet, including free spins or any other feature! Four casinos, not just only one! Tried more than 10 games - Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, Dark Knight, Immortal Romance,Dolphin's Coast and others! Nothing, nada, zero! The only thing that rises is the number of my deposits! I'm not a huge admirer of any conspiracy theories and don't want to blame anyone but all this just seems a little strange to me! So, I was hoping we all can share out late Microgaming experience and see if I'm the only one stupid here with the lack of luck!
  13. Many casinos state their slot game payouts. We know that payout percent can be higher than 90 percent but it can also be lower. For my demonstration here I'm going to simplify it and choose 90% as the payout percentage. So a casino makes it's money as the 10 percent hold, it's take or, whatever you want to call it. That 90 percent payout figure is the average payout based on all the wagers, spins, bets over a long period, usually about a year. The payout percent, payback percent, return to player,etc., they all mean the same thing. So what does it really mean? Lot's of the slot players I have met state they have never come close to getting even 50 percent payback. Slots games can be programmed to pay frequent small wins called peanuts, or can be programmed to pay the occasional bigger wins I'll call potato's, or can be programmed to pay only the rare bigger wins. Winning small amounts and betting it over, and over, and over again is called churn. Instead of the payout figures, let's look at it conversely, that 10 percent casino take, or hold. What does it mean? Essentially it means that the casino takes on average, a 10 percent cut of every bet, spin or wager over that same long period of time. We know that playing at card games, bingo, roulette etc. you can make a bet only every so often. But what about slots? They can be programmed to go fast or slower, It's not so difficult to be averaging 300 spins/bets per hour at slots play. Let's say you deposit a 100 credits. 10% take of each 1 credit spin, x 1000 spins per hour, = 100% house take of your deposit. That's 100 percent of your deposit is gone in an hour that won't ever be coming back into play for someone to possibly win. And as we can see, it's in the casino's best interest to keep paying peanuts (the churn) so that eventually all of your deposit is gone into those big bags of loot the casinos keep hauling out to the bank. Also keep in mind it is the high rollers that make the casinos the most money. 10% of 100 credits per spin beats 10% of 10 credits per spin. So which player would the casino keep churning away? So now my friends you know why the casinos take in so much money, and rarely do you have any money left at the end of your play, but you are a winner, over, and over, and over............ You folks out there, take mine and Jack's advice, if you're thinking of gambling, especially internet casino slots, take your money and run like the devil is behind you. You'll be much more happy and well off if you do. Cheers, and a good day to all.
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