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Closed: Casinos paying in under 24 hours - share your experience!


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I just did another withdrawal from Bet365 Casino for around €300 and got it in my Neteller in less than an hour. No surprises though lol, but just thought I'd let you know

Thanks for the input Greg! Great to see you around!

And congrats for your winnings! :D

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Hiho Valdes, you should add redbet ;)

Hi AlexMOu12!

I've heard Redbet are fast in paying, but since I never managed to withdraw form this casino, I didn't add them to our list. Can you, please, confirm by personal experience, that Redbet paid you in less than 24 hours and will add them immediately! ;)

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I can confirm the words of AlexMou, mate :)

O told you last week, I'll drop all the MGS and here I go - the newest and most passionate fan of the Net Entertainment!

Rried three casinos in a row and the result so far is more than enough to make me think I took the right decision, because I'm already more than 1K ahead!

Redbet were the fastest - my first withdrawal was delayed, because of the verification process, but the second one was made in less than 4 hours to my Skrill :D

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so i just made a cashout from 32Red to my neteller and got it in half an hour, no surprises there :) really, why can't all places be that fast?


Because, it won't be so damn interesting than, I suppose! :p

Imagine just for a sec, how boring it will be to get your money from the casino in the same day, without being forced to wait at least 2-3 weeks, sending 100 e-mails, making 50-60 phone calls, starting 1000 chat sessions, having a terrible headache... :lol:


BTW, we got a new member - Golden Lounge casino! I made a small cashout on Monday and got the money in my Skrill for about 20 hours! Good job, guys! ;)

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I just found another casino, which have paid me in less than 24 hours, while I was looking in my gambling diary for some information, needed for the reviews, I'm writing at the moment! And that's NoiQ casino - I received from these guys two withdrawals to Moneybookers in about 18-20 hours back in march 2011! ;)

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The only thing about Stan James, is that when you make a spin on the slots, it will update your balance the second you click spin, so it spoils the fun as you know how much each spin will pay before the reels have dropped!


This is an old known bug for some of the NetEnt slots and it's already resolved as far as I know.

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By the way, I'm sure that you, as an experienced gambler, can help us a lot with your personal contribution to this thread... ;)


Not quite, although i have a Moneybookers account i don't actually use it to deposit or withdraw funds, i use my debit card which is a pretty dumb idea as my bank statements look like trash :angry:


I have withdrawn from many casino's, and the longest i have had to wait was 2 weeks, roughly 10 business days, this was from Moneygaming casino which is a great casino with the best games.

The quickest i have received was from Expekt Casino, another great choice as the withdrawal to my card took 1 business day, maybe a few hours on top but still great speed.

As a matter of fact, i did make a withdrawal into Moneybookers from Skyvegas about a year ago, this withdrawal took around 36 hours, sort of fast but not the fastest.

Here is a list of casino's i have withdrawn from without sending ID / Documents

Betfair Casino - 2 and a half business days

Gala Casino - just over 3 business days

William hill - 2 Business days

888 Casino - £200 from free chip with no max cashout, 3 business days (had to send in ID)

Genting Casino - 3 Business days


Note these withdrawals are all onto visa card, if you can find anything faster than 2 days (apart from expekt casino) pleeeease let me know!!!



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It would be a much better idea to use some e-wallet for gambling, instead of your credit card, Manchester! Faster, at least! ;)


BTW, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope to see some new suggestions for casinos, paying uned 24 hours from you soon! :D;)

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