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    Casino games, slots, casino books and other materials in gambling field. My nearest object is to identify patterns of casino games.
    Favourite music: lounge, classical music, ambient.
    Favourite book: "Animal Farm: A Fairy Story" George Orwell, Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist"

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  1. It's a very nice game as for me. The WMS gaming also has the nice game called Price is Right. 5 reels and 25 paylines is not just so great as Wizard of Oz slot game has, but..In general it's also a good game to play and win. My last earning from it was about $68.. Nice result, coonsidering that I spent for it just about $3,5 for the stakes.
  2. What about The Wizard of OZ? Cannot say this game is so old and outdated, but many years further we will mention it like one of the best slot machines to play. It`s made according to the same name fairy tale)) Who played it previously?
  3. Funny photos - more visitor on Askgamblers) Hopr you`re devoted admin)
  4. Challenge accepted. here you are: http://www.askgamblers.com/forum/topic/5385-your-photos-right-now/?do=findComment&comment=69994
  5. I see you are so shy both))) Here is one of my last photos. You`re next)))
  6. HEY! Girls! Stop laughing at me! I am a strong brave man, the idol of women in all USA and Germany!
  7. Let`s play the game. Each who wants to play it should give your photo right at this monment. Let`s go!)
  8. hm.. So.. I think I have an interesting challenge for you - let`s create the separate thread for your photos. all desirous also can post there their photos, ha)) You shouls accept this challenge))
  9. So if they provide terrible game it`ll be the great reason to get drunk
  10. I don`t see anything strange as it means that he is prejudiced in his posts about casino games.. I think
  11. You change it?Or it seemed to me that you had red hair previously?
  12. The last days of December we will not only count for the new yer- also We`ll count for launching GNR slots))
  13. Guns`n`Roses?? WOW...It`s an awesome gift for Ney Year! I like it so much that can`t wait the end of the year... I`ts the second good new for today. The first was - I`ll go to New Zealand this summer =P
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