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  1. just checked few mins... 55 after hospital but i believe most important that i feel myself OK do not know how to get more kg's, i am eating like an elephant probably, but it just did not work for me
  2. Ok, made 300 spin in fun mode. Starting balance 5k$, finishing is 4770$. Best hit something like x30 bet. Game looks awesome, but nothing else.
  3. well...i tried google... what does word 'wallet' means? It show me definetely not correct translation
  4. I am gambled too much, to have such observations, it is really did not depends from the time of the day.
  5. Thank you very much, gonna try it, i like betfair casino and this promo reminds me old nordic bet promo, when they give 1 FS daily, and the user who get the most win get some free cash
  6. It's fantastic four, great game from playtech! Congrats Lilian!
  7. i saw plenty big wins on this games from other players. But with a range 100x-1000x. Higher never saw.
  8. Tried only sushi games, and i can say that i really liked it. Have a feeling that i want sushi after tried this slot XD
  9. nothing can have higher variance than DOA. But yeah, my experience with birds same, no any chance for big wins, but in theory it is possible...But i think you can't hit there something like 5.000 x bet, while at doa it is possible.
  10. Hm, can not remember that i self excluded myself. Just closed account - yes, but self exclusion... Luckily i never had reasons for this.
  11. probably yes, but i think they do not care. I used use prepaid Visa at xbox live once, it was USA prepaid visa,and i did not had any problems.
  12. I found lot of EU card selling at russian services. This is small prepaid card, and i am even used it once, but lost number. I think this will help you. Smalles is 40$ prepaid Visa EU bank for 60$. PM if you need it, and i try to help.
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