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SUSPENDED: We are paying $5 for every published comment!

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We have decided to give an opportunity to every member to become a part of our content writing team!

We are paying $5 for every published comment on any casino review - guaranteed!

It's only up to you how much money you will earn!

How to participate:

  • Choose any casino from our online casinos directory
  • Write a short review by your personal experience at the casino.
  • Post the link* of review in this forum thread, so we can follow your activity and count it for the next montly payment circle. Please, do not edit your older posts by adding the new reviews to them! Put each following set of reviews in a separate post.
  • Make sure to rate the casino and to put all positive and negative comments accordingly.


5. You need to have Skrill or Bank Wire account, for the payments (PayPal and Neteller are not supported)

*Note: You are allowed to post links on the forum only if you already made minimum of 10 posts. If you are new member, please post only red part of URL: http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/club777-casino-review-r4329

Want to share your experience with a casino game?! Sure, get another $5 for doing it! Click here!


Terms & Conditions:


Comments must be written by your own experience at the casino.


Comment must contain a minimum 300 words.


Please pay attention to your English language and grammar, we need understandable texts.


Make sure to pay enough attention to the formatting of your reviews (leave space after punctuation; line space between paragraphs; sentences and names start with capital letters; check for spelling mistakes, etc.) Reviews which are not properly formatted shall not be accepted. (the rule is added on 13/01/2015)


Make sure your review does not start with "Hi Askgamblers...", "This is my next review..." or something like that. Remember that you are writing a comment, not a letter to a friend or a book. :) (rule added on 01/02/2015)


Comments written about casinos placed in Rogue or Closed casinos list, do not count!


We can accept positive or negative comments, but violent, abusive, offensive and insulting content will be disqualified.


Posts after 23:59 (GMT) on the last day of the month will be calculated for the next payout circle.


Payments will be transferred via bank wire transfer or Skrill until 15th day of the month for the sum of content written in previous month.


Copying materials from other websites and presenting them as yours is strictly forbidden and will lead to an immediate disqualification from the race.


Players from India, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines are not allowed to take part in any of our writing based contests. This rule takes effect immediately.


All writing based contests are meant for active* AskGamblers Forum members, which means that the total number of your forum posts must be higher than the total number of your reviews. The same rule applies for each and every monthly cycle of the relevant contest.


*an active forum member is considered a member with at least 30-day registration and 50 forum posts /posts from the Trivia forum section do not count/

Terms Last Modified on: 19/02/2018

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Love how nice you are to us!! :) I think I can actually do this; I've got pleeeenty of experience :D




I think you are the perfect person for this little job, Cheryl! Always giving a good advice, digging deep in the T&C and writing excellent short stories while redeeming a bonuses :)

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Here's my Club World review, It's a bit longer than 300 words lol, I just wanted the reader to get a better understanding of me so the review makes the best sense. Please critique it, let me know what I should add or remove from now when writing a review, be harsh that's the best way I'll learn lol. But seriously if this was good enough I will right about every single casino Ive played online and I have played a lot. Again this was my first one, It was 6-7am when I started I haven't slept yet, I accidently clicked back and had to re-write a good amount, I saved 3/5ths of it and was 4.8/5ths done when I hit something that made me go back a page so I spend about 3 1/2-4 hour in total on this one. I wanted it to stand out, because even if its $5 it adds up, and I like $$ :) lol. Im going to bed now, I hope I get critiqued to death when I wake up and check. :p , O and is there a way to edit my review I just noticed Half of it is Bold, when I only wanted a specific word in bold, and forgot to write 3. before my last part of the casino I reviewed?

Edited by casinoian87
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Kkarismaa reviewed An hour ago


Ive been an active member of 3Dice for 3-4 years now and can honestly say they are one of the best online casinos for US Players out there today. The slot games are truly unique and the graphics are awesome. Deposits are trouble free and withdraws are amazingly quick. The management and customer service team are professional and extremely helpful. 3Dice casino provides a rich gaming experience with dozens of daily freeroll and VIP members only tournaments. Although they do not offer free chips over the internet like most of the online casinos do, their Player Loyalty Rewards program is extremely generous. Members accounts are reviewed every 10 days or so and are rewarded with free chips and entry into exclusive VIP tournaments. Ive tried many online casinos and because of their top notch customer service and awesome gaming enviroment keep coming back to 3Dice

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ian I just have to say that your review is very, very good, you are skilled! :) I know you wanted critiqued but I am in no position to do that really. i know club world is a good casino already but i didn't know they were that good.

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Well when you send money to some 3rd world country, they technically say (which a lot of casinos do) You violated rule 8 subsection a. page 3 so you cant cash out. I wanted to start on a positive review I promise they all wont be so nice, I wont post conversations Ive had with support and create any problems, but ill give you details on some crappy casinos, as well as some good ones, I', gonna aim for 4-5 reviews tomorrow, Its been 48hrs and Ive slept 2 hours lol. Look for some REAL reviews and by real I mean no holding back, I'm from New York so I can be harsh. So its 5$ a review? how about a bonus scale like for every 10 you write you get a bonus? Just a thought :) , but look forward to reviews tomorrow, and I know it has to be on the list, but I wan't to do a review on some of the newer Betonsoft casinos, like atlantis gold, and their sister casino, Planet Casino (Which I have played at and can give a thorough review) but it came out in December, and casinos like Platinum Reels, and Big Dollar, and Villa Fortuna? If they are on the list already my mistake, but if not, Id love to give my 2cents on them....

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Hello Kkarismaa,


Until you reach 15 posts you are indeed not allowed to post links.


You can do a little magic and post URL in format "hxxp://" instead of "http://".


Btw, your review looks too general, everything is fine, everything is nice, no complaints.Try to give some specific details from your experience, rather than speaking in general.

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" A little magic" :D :D


I'm so excited about this post-a-review whole action and proud of your reviews! :)


The whole plan is to give the players opportunity to share their personal experiences and impressions about different casinos. And to earn some money, of course! So try to write it from your very own point of view, with a freedom to praise and criticize, with an interesting details. General review about every casino, we already have. It's always better to hear true, firsthand experienced stories ;)

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Rome Casino review http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/rome-casino-review-r2477#leave-comment


I got deep on this one, and listed some advice, that can be helpful if you ever been scammed or screwed by any casino or company. fyi, and if you read it you will understand I have the credentials on giving the proper advice.

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Holy s**t!!!


Ian, I'm totally, totally impressed and touched by the experience and sincerity that exudes your review stories!!!


You should be a journalist or a writer or work for us!! Really awesome work!!


And that true life stories! It's very brave from you to share it here with us :) Thank you for that.



I'm so proud of all of you amazing people here on the forum and our site! It's such a pleasure

having you here!! <3

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  • cocopop3011 changed the title to SUSPENDED: We are paying $5 for every published comment!

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