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1xbet casino representative required


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Who am I looking for? 
The casino manager or another senior representative for 1xbet who can actually do something about fixing the issue I'm facing

 What is my motive behind posting this? 
I want someone from 1xbet to be answerable for the issues that players have to face every other day. I'm also hoping for someone representing 1xbet to solve an issue that I'm personally facing  at the time being. 

Why did I feel the need to post here instead of contacting the casino directly? 
I would never have posted this only if it wasn't almost impossible to reach out to them and if 1xbet cared enough to resolve my issue rather than ignoring all my emails. After sending them multiple emails and wasting a lot of time with their pathetic live chat support agents I felt so helpless and thought maybe posting here could help

What is the issue that I'm facing on 1xbet casino? 
I have been playing with 1xbet for quite a while now and it even used to be one of my favourite casinos just until 4 or 5 months ago when all of a sudden I started facing these issues every now and then. One of those issues was late arrival of deposits which kept getting worse in the start it was just 20-30 minutes late then a couple of hours but this time I have had enough because it's been 12+ hours since I made a deposit using the same payment method that I've always used and amount always credited instantly within few minutes but not this time. This time it's worse than being late it never arrived at all and there's no response from the casino after several times I tried to contact them. The payment was made via tron which is a crypto currency and only takes 5 minutes to transfer and what's even more weird is that after I made the deposit I was shocked to see tron disappear from their crypto payment options all of a sudden after being there for several years. I'm attaching the proof of transaction below that shows the transaction id, the wallet address I sent to which was provided by 1xbet , the wallet address that I sent from and the date and time of transfer . My casino account no is 227227009 and username is Shahness007. I would be grateful if someone from their side could help fix this issue




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On 11/29/2021 at 10:51 AM, pinnit2015 said:

Super dodgy group as well - are some of the owners not on a most wanted list?😄

Dodgy by Definition wouldn't touch them on any level the heat is all over them . 



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