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Found 5 results

  1. I dont understand why casinos have these? Why dont they prossess withdrawal requests as they come trough out the day? Right now i have two pending WDs thats been pending since yesterday One at casinoeuro they actually approved my documents really fast but payment still pending And one at Whitebet documents not approved yet.. Shame since i heard all good talk about how fast redbet is to approve and pay players. (Whitebet is their sister site) I think this is just tactics to try to make players revers and lose it all back. This should not be allowed.
  2. Greetings AG Community , Just thought I would raise the issue of Weekend Withdrawals I've noticed that a lot of Casino's allow weekend cashouts and some don't providing reasons such as finance department staff have to have time off etc and after confronting this issue multiple times I felt like maybe its time to talk about it . I'm not sure how others feel but being left on the ropes in pending having to wait an entire weekend because financial staff are away I think is quite lame considering that the ability to deposit still exists so then why shouldn't the ability to withdraw I refuse to accept that common excuse of no staff around its stone age to assume that funds cannot be moved just because its the weekend I mean come on. My view on things is withdrawals should be available 24/7 to E-Wallets and all things that can be transacted outside of banking hours or business days I keep hearing that one used too "business days" IMHO that Saturday and Sunday are business days too money is flowing so it should be regarded as a business day as business is being conducted. I view the ability to refuse Cash Outs on weekends as an obvious evasion tactic to trap withdrawals in pending so that punters become frustrated and end up reversing : myself I just end up playing one of 5 mmo's so its effect on me is about as much a pesky fly with a can of fly spray handy ...but I'm sure others feel the weight of temptation and frustration ...the synergy of which results in the desired effect. More Weekend Withdrawals are Needed Casino's and so called VIP flushing is a jest it should be available to everyone as is quite obvious the more successful ventures are offering Weekend Withdrawals and Fast Processing so it makes good business sense to adopt this policy ...in my humble opinion. Thank you for your time , -T
  3. I have 22000 NOK pending in withdrawals since yesterday, my account is verified and one day is not a long time but my problem is this: I set a 1000 NOK pr day limit. When i deposit i have to use fundsend. But fore some reason thats in euros... So i tought 120 euros was ruffly 1000NOK but the currency has gone up so it turns out it was about 1240 NOK. Then the deposit was deducted fro my card, but didd not show in casino account. After allot of back and forth with support they tell me they add the funds and i must withdraw them. Then i can deposit again 1000 NOK. So i do this and redeposit 100 euros ruffley 980 NOK. Then i was told sorry the system counted the first deposit... This deposit is also voided and i will have to wait untill tomorrow to be credited... Seriously the worst CS ever!!! Then i look at my pending withdrawals and lo and behold that they prosses the 1240 NOK deposit i requested to be cahsed out after about 10 minutes, but they leave my winnings pending... Why cant they prosses it all? And also yesterday shortley after i cahsed out i get this mail: We wanted to give you a bonus to help your winning streak continue - 20 free spins for Starburst on the house and a nice deposit bonus specially for you. Please contact support on live chat to make use of this offer - we are always happy to help you win big Don't forget, there is a 10,000,000 EUR jackpot waiting for you on the game Mega Moolah, with your luck you might be the one to take it. We look forward to hearing back from you soon. I kinda feel like they are trying to bait me to reverse. I mean come on if they prosses one WD why cant they prossess them all? Also looking at the complaint section here im kinda worried.
  4. Can the askgamblers update their pending withdrawal timeframe for Boylesports? It states 12-24 hours. I have requested withdrawals and it is actually upto 72 hours pending time...
  5. Hi folks! A few weeks ago I've decided to do something new, interesting and helpful, let's hope! And here we go - a brand new table, which I called AskGamblers.com Top 50 Quick Check List! It took me a lot of time, I sent and received dozens of e-mails, spent a few hours across numerous live chats, but finally got all the information! Now let me tell you the reasons for creating that sort of table and for spending such a huge amount of time in something like this! Maybe most of you have already noticed that in the last year or so too many online casinos obtained some sort of bad reputation, if not even worse. So, in times like this, in my opinion, it's a good idea to pay some tribute and respect to those casinos, which have managed to remain honest, trustworthy and loyal to their customers, despite all sort of economic and financial crisis, despite of the fierce competition for every single player and despite of the burning desire, every single business company has, to increase the profits more and more and more, sometimes on their customers expence! Another reason to do this list, is to save you time, while looking for all these small, but very important details, like whether a casino give you the ability to flush your withdrawal or not, is your welcome bonus cashable or not, how long the pending period lasts and so on - my personal experience tells me that, all these details are crucial for your success and in an online casino most of the time, but are hard to find or not so easy to discover at least! And finally, it will be just perfect if some of the checks in the table, like pending periods and flushing for example, become more and more popular and important to check, not only among players, but among the casinos too, because, to be honest, there's still much to be desired from most of their websites, regarding this sort of key information! I was stunned, while making all the necessary researches for the table, from the fact, that most of the casino's support representatives were totally unaware of what a "to flush a withdrawal" means? At least half of the checked 50 websites were quite laconic in stating their pending periods in a clear and visible way... Well, it's not an easy task to be perfect, but this is what are players like us for, right? To keep pushing and bothering the best with constant, irritating remarks, like "Hey, why don't you do that...", ""Why, don't you do that..." Attention to US players! Although there is not even a single casino among all the 50 in the list, which accepts players from the United States, I leave that column intentionally! Let all the members see, how cruel and totally unfare is to all US players, to be banned from most of the major and trustfull casinos and software platforms! As a compensation to all of them, I'm planning to make a similar table, dedicated to all decent casinos, accepting US customers! Now, I'm leaving you to take a look at the table! And please, do not be harsh with me, if you notice some inaccuracies - I'm just a man, standing in front of the members, asking them to like me... Oh, come on man, wasn't that a cue from a movie?!! (Tip: watch the movie "Notting Hill") So, here is the table: And here's the link to google docs in the original excel format for your convinience: https://docs.google....RVBwWllmcUlJd2s Your turn now!
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