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Found 2 results

  1. It's been a long time to figure this thing out, laughing, but I finally understood. Are used to look at what five diamonds would pay for example on the Twinspin and take my bath divided by 243 and then times that by the amount shown in the payout table, imagine doing that when you get two or more symbols on a real, just makes u go crazy, but there is an easy method to figure out exactly what the payout will be. I am using the game Twinspin as an example Forget the fact the five diamonds pays 1000 credits, we are playing dollars, not credits, so to facilitate, this is the way you should calculate it in your head Add one dollar but, you know that the five diamonds will pay you $40 thus, it is 40 times your bet. If you managed to hit five bells, one for real, you will get paid $10, this 10 times your bet The problem is, when we got multiple symbols on the real, how to calculate it, it is the easiest thing in the world, just multiply them, for example, if you get to bells on real one and two bells on real teo And a bell on each of the other three reels, then your payout will be as follows You must multiply all the reels that have multiple symbols on them, so you will multiply 2 times 2 because of real one and two and you will get four, four is your payout multiplier number now, you will take four and since you have five reels of bells, your payout will be four times the payout which is $10, therefore your final payout will be $40 Another easy example is, if you get to bells on each real, that means you have five Bell payout, but since you have multiple bells, you will have a multiplier, how do we get the multiplier, very easy, 2×2×2×2×2, Therefore giving you 32 times the payout which would equal $320 Why is it that when we fill up the board, we got 243 times the payout, very easy, 3×3×3×3×3 = 243, but how do we get the actual amount of a payout, very easy, if you fill the board up with bells, since five bells pay $10 on the one dollar bet, your payout will be 243 times $10, giving you $2430 on a one dollar bet. The same concept applies to any all ways pay out whether it's 1024 or 4096
  2. Hi folks! As you might have already noticed, we are talking a lot of these new wave of 243 paylines video slots recently. Obviously, they all become more and more popular, so I think, it would be great to gather all opinions and observations in one place and to choose a winner of course. So, feel free to use the poll and then to explain your preferences.
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