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Found 5 results

  1. I remember writing at the beginning of 2014 that I was not impressed with Net Entertainment but they completely turned it around for me around the beginning of the year. My other favourite software is NextGen Gaming! So my vote is split 50/50 to Net Entertainment and NextGen Gaming. Well done guys. Just as a little extra the software I was most disappointed with in 2014 is Microgaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It's that time of year again guys for you all to name your favourite slot of 2014! I'm not going to do a poll this year, simply write your favourite slot. It does not have to be a slot that was released in 2014 simply your favourite slot that you played in 2014. Looking forward to your answers... (p.s I haven't added mine yet because im debating between a few!!)
  3. SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE ASK GAMBLERS SLOT CHAMPION OF 2014 “Excitement is impossible where there is no contest.” There are so many different activities going on a AG at the moment so for the last two weeks I have been preparing for the ultimate comback of my quiz that I launched last year for AG members. Unfortunately due to my unexpected departure the quiz was cut short and I never got to crown anyone the slot champion of the year! So I am relaunching it for any members which would like to take part. Here is how it is going to work.... The quiz will run every 2 weeks, so in the course of one month there will be two quizzes to complete, your scores will then be combined at the end of the month. Anyone at Ask Gamblers can take part, the more the merrier ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE BASED ON SLOTS BUT I WILL MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO GOOGLE! THE USE OF GOOGLE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED HAHAH! Im putting a lot of time into this ....and also some incentives too...(ill get to those in a minute)...so if you are going to just cheat and use google...i will instantly disqualify you and my decision is final and there are no chances! And i will know if you have....ask Valdes he will back me up! At then end of every month I will add up your scores for that month and whoever gets the highest score in that month is the winner! I WILL BE GIVING 1 WINNER EVERY MONTH A REAL PRIZE AND THEY CAN CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT THEY WANT A SLOTS RELATED PRIZE OR A ONLINE SHOPPING RELATED PRIZE..( which is coming out of my own pocket). As to what the prizes are I am afraid you will have to wait and see. If you want to know then you have to take part! As long as I drum up enough interest in the quiz and there are active people playing then I will run the quiz every month until December. Your scores will be reset every month back to zero to allow everuyone a chance of winning. HOWEVER...I will be recording your monthly scores and if in December we are still playing...the person with the highest collective score over the entire year will not only be crowned AG SLOT CHAMPION OF 2014! But will also receive a special prize!! SO IF YOU WANT TO WIN THAT BIG PRIZE YOU NEED TO BE HERE ON ASK GAMBLERS, THE ONLY PLACE TO BE, EVERY WEEK AND BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF OUR FORUMS! if i do not see any attempt of winners participating in our non prize related threads then I will be reconsidering your place in the quiz. BUT AS WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY HERE I KNOW THAT IS NOT GOING TO BE A PROBLEM *************************************************************************************************************** I HOPE THIS INTERESTS SOME OF YOU, ITS FREE TO PLAY THERES NO STRESS OF HAVING TO DEPOSIT TO PLAY OR WIN ITS ALL ABSOLUTLEY FREE...AND BEST OF ALL ITS ONLY AVAILABLE HERE ON ASK GAMBLERS...WELL ALSO IN MY HEAD ASWELL...BUT TRUST ME THAT IS ONE CRAAAAZY PLACE TO BE....ID STRONGLY ADVISE STAYING WELL BACK LOL. PLEASE JUST LIKE OR MAKE A SHORT COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART IN THE QUIZ AND IF i HAVE ANY INTEREST OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS I WILL POST THE FIRST QUIZ ON FRIDAY 7TH FEB
  4. Right ... Either I've got a chip on my shoulder this year or NetEnt just aren't cutting it! I kind of trailed off from Microgaming and fell completely in love with NetEnt...but now I'm finding I'm getting more and more disappointed with NetEnts new releases! I was expecting big things from them this year but I have to say I'm disappointed... Twin Spin, Big Bang, Aliens, Wonky Wabbits to name a few! These really don't come close to my big expectations. So I want your arguments FOR NetEnt in 2014 and your arguments AGAINST NetEnt in 2014....
  5. Reading another post just now got me thinking about the year ahead of us. I'm really excited to see what this year brings us all...will any of us be millionaires by the end of 2014? Will we all be filing for divorce lol (kidding) who knows one of us could even own our casino by the end of the year...my bets are on Valdes being the most likely for that one...who knows what the hand of fate is going to deal us and also what lies ahead for our casinos too! Which ones will still be open at the end of the year and which will be closed? The only names I am seeing so far this year (and I know its early days) are NetEnt and Microgaming I think both these software providers are leading the path for all the others to follow behind! Playtech casinos are really taking a back seat at the moment for me, I really don't think they have excelled recently in a lot of their new slot releases and for that reason are slowly following on behind many many others! I think casinos like William Hill really need to up their game when it comes to bonuses and customer loyalties. For me all the massive high street names I've grew up with through my fathers love of horse racing and football like William Hill, BetFred and Coral are slowly disappearing!! I know Ladbrokes and Paddy Power are doing very well but whenever you read an article about a player scooping a million pound jackpot, or another playing winning thousands on another slot...it's never these old school names you read is it? Anyway, as I wasn't here New Years Eve I just want to wish everyone at Ask Gamblers, new members reading this and old members reading this....I wish you all a very lucky and fortunate year ahead ... And don't forget if you do win your millions...never forget your friends here at ask gamblers ...hint hint!
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