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  1. @Pawel87 hello! The slots is my favorite and that's what I'm looking for the most, about the strategy and if there is one! But also for the promos, of course! Now I don't know much about roulette and I'm looking..
  2. @Blackjax Thats very usefull! thanks! i will be there to watch news! thanks!
  3. @Blackjax thank you! i Like kingdom Casino! And the play for fun its nice! gives you 5000eur I dont know how to play roulette or Black jack yet.. if there is any easy guide you can recommend I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. @Afi4wins hello! I've been playing slots for a month now and I really can't stop.. the research I'm doing tells me to play with low risk until I find out! surely there is no specific strategy as far as I know! So I play a little bit so I don't lose too much.. the slot machine is a bit of a sneaky game.. it's so easy to play it's addicting and you can lose and win just as easily! I would like to know about the casinos.. do you have any suggestions? thank you very much for the advice!
  5. As a new player! Do you have any casino suggestions for my startup?
  6. @Afi4wins this is a veeeeeryyyy biiiig truth! it is wise to be realistic!
  7. @Afi4wins thanks for advices! Do you have any guide or link to give me on how to play in a simple way ? DAMA is nice and safe, true! many have told me that!
  8. But if you have the luck with you and the money to risk ... never know
  9. i think you shouldn't rely on that to get rich..
  10. @Ren_Xin i think that if you go to bwin you find many choices about slots!
  11. Hello! I am a new member here and a new player too! I start to play slots but I would like to enter the world of casinos! Do you have any recommendations for starters?
  12. Hello everyone! I just started to play in different online casino and here I see a lot of useful things to get started! do you have any suggestions for me?
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