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Roulette systems and strategies


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Is it possible to make money playing roulette using any roulette systems or strategies?


Martingale Betting System


A quick summary of the Martingale betting system is to place a bet on a game like a coin toss, if you lose you double the bet size such that when you do win, you will profit. The theory is that it is nearly impossible to lose 7 consecutive hands on a bet that has a 50% outcome for a win or loss.


When it comes to roulette the house edge can be as high as 5% for betting on red, black, odd or even. So every bet you make you are losing 5% of your money. The other problem with this system is that you cannot increase your bet size to infinity so the theory falls apart there. At casinos in Las Vegas a roulette dealer will know when you are trying the martingale system and if you get to the point where you can't bet more than $500 it will be too late and you have already lost too much $ that you cannot recover and you cannot just double up your bet to the next level.


It is a sure way to grind your bankroll to 0. If you disagree click on my signature and make a deposit and try the martingale betting system for yourself.

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Roulette is a game totally based on luck; no need to rely on any system which tells you that it will give you a sure victory. These systems can only help you maintain your game, but giving you an easy win is not in any systems hand. Roulette wheel don't have any memory that can be tracked by a system. Like the martingale system has a disadvantage that it can also make a player bankrupt. Because you are not sure that on which bet you are going to win. So if you are losing on continuous bets that you can lose all your money.

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No system is full proof secure in casino games, and for roulette game no system will help you to win. It is a ll the game of chance as ibryl said. Yes it is true that with the help of some system there could be some possible lucky day when you win a big amount. But it is also possible that some other day you lost a bigger amount with the help of same system. No system guaranty a sure winning in roulette game. So play safe and try to beat roulette on your own peril.

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All betting systems good for a short time.I think for best way beat the casino it's mathematically.


If you know than make a bet and where you ''ll get more chance to beat casino.


In fact, the gain is higher since the bets are placed at optimal moments. That's mathematics,


I think it's possible win at online casino constantly.


You just need take your time and use right system.


In order to become successful at anything you definitely need to have a good system laid out before you begin, without one failure can be assured.


I like play SicBo the chinese game.For me that's a best game at casino .


Recently I found one SicBo system which really work. Confused




The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.

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I have already read a lot where it’s not possible to beat the casino at roulette, but the prospect of free money is very tempting, so I want to find out more about this issue. I would like to calculate the mat expectation of such a system. I am talking about a system of consistently increasing rates when losing, that is: we start with the minimum bet and put it on the red (red / black does not matter), if we win - again we put the minimum bet, and if we lose, we double the previous one and so, until we win. Increasing the bet twice covers all the previous wins and brings a profit of 1 minimum bet. Who can calculate the mathematical model of such a game?

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Hmm, have no idea who could calculate the mathematical model of such game, but since this topic has been created like 8 years ago and has never been updated accordingly ever since, I think it's about time to put this particular forum topic into a well deserved rest, or in other words to be archived. :)

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