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K8.io is going to quit I guess.

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I've been on live chat with 3 different I-dunno-nothin's trying to get that first welcome bonus of 100 added to, for Pete's sake 16XLR (about10€)/

First upload was blurry, my bad I have to come clear...next hours, pure disgracement.

I uploaded the correct files and nobody can look just one minute apparently as they do post their KYC reqs every half hour or so.

I can't begin, coz' without verification no added bonus allowed.

A bot comzs along every now and again asking if it can help me😬

An hour ago I needed to upload again via level 2 kyc page, nothing got uploaded.

I threw everything in chat but it seemed I threw some cancer cells with em....they demanded I use google chrome ofcourse, which i won't be doing as my Brave browser if full of walets and safe.

The whole morning I get a 'sorry to keep you waiting there are many customer waiting for consulting.

Bullshite ... i gave the website a nice look behind the scenes  by inputting the website so I can read traffic and behind the screens coded stuff.


1 JavaScript file is blocking page rendering.
By default, references to external JavaScript files will block the page from rendering while they are fetched and executed. Often, these files can be loaded in a different manner, freeing up the page to visually render sooner.
Zero render-critical images are lazy-loaded.
When images are lazy-loaded using loading="lazy", they will be requested after the layout is established, which is too late for images in the critical window.
As the AG logo on their site isn't even clickable anymore I guees they've given up and are closing doors
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The site is not maintained nor secure for crypto gambling!

The live assistants are clearly toilet lady's temping this weekend.


Update: they start grooming me with Deposit with Crypto,Enjoy 1% cashback!
Receive 1% cashback on every deposit of $10 or more, up to $100 per day! offers...


Do you feel it? Where they are heading.


Ok done...i've run away for now.

I included the live chat on a .txt file for whom wants to read...email transcripts were just out of paper...sorry


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