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Kingbilly, A Suspicious Casino!

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KingBilly, a very highly reputable and recommended Casino online, but is that accurate, and for which king Billy do you mean?




You may not be aware of this but there is in fact two King Billy websites, I know it sounds weird considering that it would be copyright infringement to use the banner and logo of another casino without its approval.




Yet KingBillycasino.com then confirms their knowledge of the existence of kingbilly.com in a chat support conversation that I had a few days ago. When questioned, they stated that this casino was not affiliated to theirs, which is preposterous nonsense, because they would have to give their approval on the usage of the banner and logo, otherwise it would be copyright infringement and liable for lawsuit.




Nonetheless kingbillycasino.com denied any association with this other kingBilly.com doppelganger, which is a mock and mimic of the kingbillycasino.com website. They claimed this other king Billy is not affiliated with them whatsoever, and somehow they are aware that it is also under a different license, a legit license, or so they claim.




This all seems very suspicious and so I question the trustworthiness of this site.




Furthermore they are not the company that they are claimed to be when you play at this casino, they're 24-hour kyc time was 8 days for me, requesting preposterous unnecessary things like my crypto deposit emails to confirm that I have sent it even after all the other kyc process documents had been given. 




They have since denied  my requests for withdrawal without a reason, and when I asked for a reason they gave none and have refused answer, I wanted to make sure that I got through the times three-way dream after the deposit which I'm sure I did but they also will not ride me with my betting history for a period of time dating back further than the last 50, which is the  number that you can see on the website,




Instead of providing it,  they ignore and deny me.  The kingbillycasino.com website even states that if you want to see anything more than the last 50 , you can request it from live support, which I I did.




Then they of course, suddenly want unnecessary information for instance like  my address, my full name, my last three games I played, all the different deposit methods I've used since joining, just a variety of different things are just irrelevant to my betting history,  and completely setup in a way to try and delay it, to no avail. 




I gave all the required details almost immediately.  Then they wanted me to send it to support email, which I did as well, and they ignored.




So I would be wary if I were anybody else, do not trust the recommendations for King Billy, for one nothing of what they claim for the experience really matches up, the reviews are either dated, fabricated, or the testers were known to be testers and the experience with far different from what normal players will receive.




Additionally they have two different sites, and they claim to not be affiliated which is a bold-faced lie because the copyright infringement would make that impossible, they must have given their approval and now they lie about it. There's something fishy about kingBilly and historically anybody who's trying to hide something, or cover something up, it's up to no good, rest assured! I would give Kingbilly a review of 2/10, and I'm a legit player. Be warned

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