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Warning about the cooperation with WildTornado


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I would like to inform you about a very unpleasant situation our company ended up in, connected with Wild Tornado affiliate program.

Wild Tornado Program has contacted our company and requested network services, we negotiated exclusive terms where we bring all our partners directly to their program without using any middle tracker.

Both parties signed IO where, where all payment terms and possible risks have been listed.

After the break in cooperation, the above partners remained in debt to us and have not paid us for several months.

They provide a small part of payments for the first time but later they stopped to pay us at all.

There have been few excuses and then we just stopped getting any replies from their team at all.

We know that they are still active and cooperate with some affiliates and networks. Hopefully this story will be a warning to their active or potential partners.

We already started the legal proccess against this company in the nearest future as this behavior goes in controversy with terms in the contract signed, not talking about the moral part of this situation.

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You have come to the right place. At Askgamblers the team just doesn't help you with player complaints but also helps you resolve Affiliate issues.

Please follow this link and file a complaint against Wild Tornado's affiliate program. Also follow all rules listed for a successful review of your case.


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