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Found 2 results

  1. Playing on 888 poker/ casinos on and off for a couple years. Won more from poker... Guess in the last 13 month or so I've lost 1500$ to the casino part. Most from poker winning or winnings in general maybe 300 400 my money on lost of suspicious play. Anyways to this part. Playing on 888 casino yesterday multihand blackjack. Screenshot shows I have 8 + 2 = 10 I hit get an A. =21 Dealer has Q. Draws 2nd card. Gets Ace = 21 Result as most people who play blackjack call this a Push. Same total as dealer . Money returned Here I am losing my bet left with 0$ Support so far said and this is quoted , thank you for providing a screenshot which was of great assistance. However from a review of your account it was seen that both you the player and the dealer had a count of 21. Nevertheless as this counts as a push your stake would have been re credited back to your account. This never happend BEWARE! Who know what other shady things are happening . This is one of many I'm sure...
  2. This is not about the lying email regarding their 100% match bonus. No. This is more serious.... During the last 2 weeks I have netted well over 10k using a system. Most people here know I am not a liar not do I exxaggerate nor do I say things that are not 100% accurate! I deposited 250 into videoslots.com. I lost. Extremely fast So today work finished early and I decided to let the fake advertised email bonus they scammed with be and let them try to earn my business again because I actually like their interphase. I put 250 and lost it again! I put 250 and never ever lost so fast in my life. I said ok, u made some money, try one more time. I put another 250 and said this is the last one..... I went to MERLINS millions and started at 5 per spin. Anyone who has ever played this game knows that free spins rarely show up. Maybe one in five hundred spins. But when it shows up, MERLIN blast the whole board every single spin and you always make at least 200 x your wager. Always. Never less. So on my first or second spin....... It did not trigger???????????????? Also, when I PLayed THUNDERSTRUCK II, normally the spins stall when 2 guaranteed bonuses fall during the first four reels. Almost half the time, it did not stall! I have played that game over 1000 hours. I knew something was wrong. It was like is was not playing and watching a you tube video. Constant stalls, during eagles eyes the third scatter always disappeared when it should have fallen. I though it was all in my head but nope, MERLIN proved to me that I am not crazy. See screenshot. 3 orbs fell. I did not get the free spins. Look at the play button. It's there. Support confirmed I didn't get the free spins and they are investigating. Now we all know what that means. I am due over 1000 dollars. I have never been paid less when hitting 3 orbs at 5 dollars a spin via 6x superbet. I am not going to let this go. I need guidance from someone at ask gamblers. You guys sent me there. It has been miserable from the beginning. Thank you
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