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Found 1 result

  1. How many times have you heard me lamenting and complaining about Microgaming games? A million times already? Oh geeees...I didn't realise it has been that many times! Ever since I started playing MG games, way back in 2002 or 2003, there was never a time when I had managed to win and escape with a nice withdrawal. MG casinos were like a fixed deposit banking facility for me...with no option for withdrawal, hahaha. Upon realising how stupid I have been, I finally closed all those MG casino doors and concentrated on Playtech casinos instead. That was a right decision for me indeed. And I'm very glad it gave me a Playtech Master title too, hehehe. Ever since Playtech started 'upgrading' my favourite games back in late 2015, I have since found it almost impossible to get good wins as before. Those wins just kept eluding all my big bets, coming only when playing with small bets. I then realised the futile situation I'm getting myself into, and have since gradually avoided playing Playtech games, maintaining play only on my top 3 favourite games. All others have now become a no-no for me. Playtech has become like what Microgaming was for me. With Playtech sinking below the horizon with the sunset, I found myself 'lost' out in the open sea...with no place to go...with no place to find solace and happiness. Then one fine day, perhaps in direct relation to what I had dreamt about a couple of months ago, I was inexplicably introduced to one Asian-based casino that has Playtech, Microgaming and Asian games not found in European casinos. How that came about, I'll never know, but it came via an sms on my phone, with a free RM50 no-deposit offer, which I just couldn't resist or refuse. The day I signed up and took that no-deposit offer marked the beginning of a new era of slot gaming for me! Why? Simply because, it was a 'back to the past' occurrence for me, as what my precognitive dream was all about. Note: Precognitive dreams are dreams that appear to predict the future through a sixth sense; a way of accessing future information that is unrelated to any existing knowledge acquired through normal means. Well...ever since that day, I have been regularly playing at this Asian-based casino. You may think that I may be playing on my favourite Playtech games right? Wrong! I have started going back in time and playing my favourite Microgaming games instead! But experience has taught me to be wise at all times, so I have been playing only a very few selected MG games. It started with Supe It Up and The Finer Reels Of Life (TFROL), but TFROL proved to be just as bad for me as Immortal Romance has been, so it has now been discarded. From Supe It up, I also went on to ISIS (non-jackpot), and ISIS is the one specific game that finally SMASHED the icy Microgaming jinx for me, once and for all! Whoopie! How did that happened? Would you believe...I got 5 of those lovely Bird Scatters...3 times within 1 month...with 1 time during the free spins...for a whopping 3600x bet win!!! That gave me a huge win...yes...but I became a little greedy...naah...too greedy...played on and lost some...but finally withdrew RM1000. Pheeew! This story may go on and on...but I'll break it up to here for now. As for that marvelous winning screenshot...I've got it all ready for the show...but that can wait too...to keep you guys in SUSPENSE! Hahaha.
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