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  1. I was hoping to find someone who posh Casino paid. I hit a jackpot for $26,000. I have given all paperwork I have repeatedly provided information and I keep getting told all we’ve had so many payouts that it’s hard to process all of them I know it’s not a problem on my end, I’m definitely getting the runaround from posh. If you know the secret to getting them to pay, I would really like to know it.
  2. November 11 I withdrew $2000 - afte r a lot of fussing passing back-and-forth, all documentation was in place. Somewhere around the 19th. My withdrawal was processed and told I was told that it was sent to a processor to be mailed part two on this has never happened. Last week I won a large jackpot. Posh casino can only pay $2500 at a time and no one can tell you how long it might be between checks., Is it going to be weekly? When do you suppose those checks will start? You are aware that I still haven’t been paid from my very first win. I write to them every week. I begged him to stop sending me the pre-written response and they’re very very busy.I have contacted my VIP person who claims he can do it he can make things happen. Wrote to him again. Haven’t heard a word. I don’t know how this will all play out, but if anyone has ever been paid by these people, let me know your secret olive
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