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    robjmiller got a reaction from Afi4wins in Request a casino review   
    I appreciate your feedback and suggestion. It's essential to have clear and accurate topic titles to facilitate meaningful discussions and reviews. "New casinos for discussion" does indeed provide a more precise and suitable title for your intended purpose. Creating a clear and inviting forum for discussions about new casinos can enhance the quality of interactions and sharing among members. Thank you for your input!
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    robjmiller got a reaction from Astaroth in The Winz.io Casino Treasure Hunt !   
    Hello there! It sounds like you're having a blast on the treasure hunt! Making it to 10 already is quite an achievement – keep up the fantastic work and keep those discoveries coming! Wishing you the best of luck as you continue your exciting adventure!
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    robjmiller reacted to blondie in Your balance is low.. what game do you play?   
    Usually I play Book of Dead, sometimes I would decrease the amount of lines, but that strategy has never really worked for me, same for Pimped slot.
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    robjmiller got a reaction from sh1ba in Newbies   
    If you just want to relax after a hard day - these are just slots.
    If you are interested in understanding some new technique, choose blackjack and you will not lose.
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    robjmiller reacted to sh1ba in Newbies   
    @Pawel87 hello! The slots is my favorite and that's what I'm looking for the most, about the strategy and if there is one! But also for the promos, of course! Now I don't know much about roulette and I'm looking..
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    robjmiller got a reaction from sh1ba in Time to try a new casino   
    For me personally, gambling is a kind of entertainment, but not a way to earn easy money.
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    robjmiller got a reaction from OliverCooper in teach me how to play casino   
    Dude, read casino reviews. They will teach you how to play better than anyone.
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    robjmiller reacted to DadoCools in Casoola Casino   
    anyone have the same difficulty with payouts as I have experienced with Casoola? 
    6 days since the funds were supposedly released and I am still yet to receive my winnings.
    to make things worse they decided to close my account due to a comment made within live chat, claiming I don’t use for entertainment purposes which is far from the truth, so now I cannot even speak with them on live chat. 
    it just seems so painful….
    I used Apple Pay to deposit and same method to withdraw but still nothing and if totally honest I would be surprised if I actually see anything at all. 
    very poor experience at Casoola
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    robjmiller reacted to cocopop3011 in Time to try a new casino   
    @stanjan You can read player reviews - here
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    robjmiller got a reaction from Afi4wins in No Skrill, No Play, No Hesitations!   
    That's it. When choosing a casino, the option with payment methods is almost a key parameter.
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    robjmiller reacted to blondie in No Skrill, No Play, No Hesitations!   
    I can definitely understand that. What's the point of having an account when you know you won't have withdrawal options available? That's literally one of the main things when choosing a casino. 
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    robjmiller reacted to Flatzem in Casinos with bug bounty programs! :D   
    maybe to do with if someone finds a bug in a slot then they tell the casino about it and get a reward in some cases just some free spins.. depends if the casino is generous.
    some bugs can be in other areas maybe with the deposits/bonuses
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    robjmiller reacted to Afi4wins in Casinos with bug bounty programs! :D   
    As far as I know @ugottabet, there isn't any casino that awards bug bounty rewards...the bounty reward days have long been dead...Clint Eastwood  and Lee Van Cleef have both long retired too. The only surviving hunters that I know of nowadays are the bed bug hunters, but still no rewards offered. 😜
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    robjmiller reacted to Blackjax in Gambling book 2022   
    I use Neteller to play in Euro, USD and some times in AUD and INR.
    Deposits- €1843
    Cashouts- 1851
    $6 in profit.
    Deposits- $406
    Cashouts- $457
    Profit $50 
    Aud one deposit of AUD50.
    Loss $35
    Total deposit- INR18963
    Total cashout- INR19300
    Around $5 in profit.
    You can say I am break even on Neteller. As I had to pay around $50 in deposit and withdrawal fees.
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    robjmiller reacted to Afi4wins in Casino fun games   
    Hi Ren_Xin, welcome to the forum.
    First of all, at which casino or casinos are you playing at?
    Secondly, it is NOT ADVISABLE to follow what streamers play, because they are playing for viewers ENTERTAINMENT only...fake money play most of them!
    The best games to play are what normal regular players are playing, and that is the best advice!
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    robjmiller reacted to TheScientist in Microgaming Wowpot Progressive   
    That would make sense... last time it was 14.1 million was around August and it was won then... so perhaps something fell through for the punter that won it... would not like to be that person if that's the case!
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    robjmiller reacted to blondie in Microgaming Wowpot Progressive   
    This could happen if the previous person who won wasn't actually eligible for it (broke terms etc.) Don't know if that's the case here but that's what I've heard in the past. Then they put the money back into the game I believe.
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    robjmiller reacted to OliverCooper in Anyone tried to withdraw Bitcoin from Grande Vegas?   
    I haven`t tried it, but there are no problems with withdrawing btc in other casinos (sort of)
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    robjmiller got a reaction from OliverCooper in Problem with verification   
    Please tell me how did you solve this issue? (if decided)
    It's just that I've had a similar situation.
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